She saw strange indentations on her forehead and then she recognized something incredible!

Anna ‘s ecstatic. Well, she is from Australia and has a date with Henry, a person that she has been secretly in love with for a number of years. She wants everything to go perfectly for the date, so she sits in front of the mirror to get ready. However, she does not seem pretty pleased with her face, and goes on to find a gigantic zit, of the worst kind! So, upon trying to cover it up, she finds something incredible happening to her face!

Anna can pinch as well as squeeze her body just like clay, without having to undergo any operations. However, this is not a real life person, but rather a fictitious film from the director Sandy Widyanata which is titled ‘Plastic’. This is a film that attempts to take a stab at the current ideals of beauty, which are far removed from any reality. What Anna does in the end the something admirable; she decides to junk the ideal body and go for her original body and its image. When Henry arrives for the date, he thinks her to be gorgeous. This is the very subtle but important lesson that we need to take to understand about the inherent beauty in us.

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