She Puts Ice Cream Cones In A Tin Foil. When You See What She Scoops Out, You’ll Die To Take a Bite!

When it comes to popularity, cupcakes seems to have easily trumped over cakes as of late. It has a lot to do with the size and the elegance, and this appeal certainly attracted the attention of various bakers and chefs from around the world. 10 years ago, cupcake exclusive stores were amongst the rarest of eateries. Now, it has become a staple part in every corner of the street.

With the trend of cupcakes in full bloom, home chefs along with professional bakers are trying their hand at innovations in this segment. For instance, a YouTube baker by the name of Claudia Zuniga has recently uploaded a tutorial for making ice cream cupcakes. Please note; this recipe does not need for ice cream, but rather the batter which is cooked in the ice cream cones.

So, let’s begin. You need to place a tin foil over the baking dish, and cut cross shapes as seen in the picture below.


Now, stick the ice cream cones in the slits created.


Use a cake batter that you like and mix it.


Then, scoop the batter within the ice cream cones and then put the entire baking dish within the oven.


While the baking commences of the cupcake, you can start with the frosting.


After the cupcakes are out from the oven and they have cooled down sufficiently, pipe the frosting on top of them.


Then, decorate your cupcakes as you desire and enjoy the result!


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