She Posted This Picture To Social Media After Losing 78 Pounds In Two Weeks. Women Went Insane!

As you all know by now social media is full of people trying to sell their product. From skinny mint’s to super duper Chinese tea diets you have probably heard it all by now. Well one woman decided that she would make her own post on social media about how she lost 78 pounds in 2 weeks. Trust me it’s hilarious!


I’ve only 3 more weeks supply of super duper skinny me tea girls, come an get it only 60 dollars for 2 weeks worth, no exercise needed just a cup of tea in the morning then don’t eat anything for the day and have a cup of tea at bedtime, in between you need to drink 46 gallons of water, which because of the special ingredients in the tea it will suppress your appetite, do this for 2 weeks and watch the weight fall off, there’s no real side effects apart from several of your organs will fail but sure look girls nothing tastes as good as skinny feels. The pics don’t lie ladies

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