She Places Her Daughter’s Hair In Kool-Aid. It Seemed Strange Until I Saw The Stunning Results


Not restricted to drinking only

Kool-Aid is something that is delicious, and normally mixed in drinks, but it has a variety of other functions as well! It can be used for making the Chapstick something that is tasty, to a non-toxic doh; there are a lot of applications that can be used for children as well as adults.

So, grab your packets of Kool-Aid and let’s get to looking at the things we can do with it!

Play-Doh magic

Instead of having to waste hundreds of dollars on the Play-Doh that is almost always going to get destroyed, lost, or stuck in your carpet, dry and make your own version with the help of Kool-Aid. Follow the instructions given by Modern Alternative Mama for creating your own batch.


Finger-paints that are scented exclusive for babies

Babies often try and express themselves artistically, but that means that they come in close contact with paint which could be toxic as the normally put everything on their mounts. However, by using the non-toxic Kool-Aid finger paint, the good folks from Fun At Home With Kids gives you something that you do not have to worry about.


Dye your hair

To give your hair a funky look this summer, you can try the temporary Kool-Aid dye! Follow the steps provided by Double Duty Mommy to learn how you can do it.


Dying the yarn multicolored

There is no more a compulsion to settle for the yarns bought in the store for your new project! Instead, you can simply soak the white yarns in various flavors of the Kool-Aid, and let it dry. You can achieve colors that are extremely bright and gorgeous.


Spray-painting the T-shirt

When you are simply tired of the innocuous collection of white tank tops, try and spruce it up with the help of the Kool-Aid spree. Give it something extra by putting people cutouts in various designs on the shot before you sprayed. Go through the Nap-Time Creations for further details!


Tasty Lip Gloss

This is the perfect product for your little ladies in the house that are way too young for any kind of authentic make up! Instead, help them feel grown up by mixing such Kool-Aid packets with Vaseline, so as to create a tinted Chapstick that will even taste good.


Snow cones consisting of three ingredients

One of the requisites in the summertime is the snow cone. Now, with the help of just sugar and Kool-Aid, you can make them even better. Follow these instructions so as to come up with mouthwatering snow cones that your children will love and adore all throughout the year!


Kool-Aid frosting

Instead of the same old vanilla frosting, provide a certain zest to your cake by creating your own Kool-Aid version. Go through this Smart Momma’s steps to find out how you can replicate her scintillating recipe for cake toppings.


Colorful candy dots

The perfect treat for small children, candy dots is definitely a favorite amongst the little ones. However, by creating your own recipe by following the steps given by Smart Schoolhouse, you do not need to keep running back and forth from the store in case you run out of them on your kid’s birthday.


Pixie sticks home-made

Although everybody loves to have pixie sticks, but most of them are unaware about the ingredients used by candy companies to create them! With the detailed recipe that you can follow from Create Craft Love, you would be able to have a total control over what your family eats when you create the pixie sticks.


Cleaning your dishwasher

When you get a grungy look and a musty smell from your dishwasher, simply run an empty cycle that is filled with lemonade flavored Kool-Aid instead of using detergent. It will provide a fresh new smell to the dishwasher, and it will also get rid of the gunk formed due to the excess buildup of soap.


Share with your loved ones the various projects that you can undertake with the Kool-Aid, as everybody needs to know such innovative concepts that can be done with a simplistic looking Kool-Aid.

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