She Noticed Marines Are Carrying A Tiny Coffin. But What They Tell Her Is Inside? Let’s All Pray…

One of the hardest things in life is to lose a loved one or a family member. However, it is also a sad truth that it happens to every other person on this earth. That is not a single person that can claim immortality, or has not come in contact with not losing someone from their family.

For one Marine family located in Michigan, they had to say goodbye to their beloved canine companion that had served in Afghanistan with them. They provided one of the most touching tributes that can be imagined.

Rico, the service dog had dedicated two tours of duty in Afghanistan along with being a part of over 240 missions and over 35 fights against terrorists and insurgents in the Middle East.

He lived a good life, and passed away when he was 12 years old. His owner, Marine staff Sgt Russ Beckley Jr was by his side when he moved on to the Rainbow Bridge.

“There wasn’t a single moment where he did not make it his mission to be by my side. I was everything to him, and vice versa, “Beckley had mentioned.

Due to military circumstances, they were forced apart for a year. However, Rico was reunited with Beckley the past June, in the house of the parents of the Sgt. Since the dog was getting old; his health had started to deteriorate. Moreover, his hundreds of missions were also taking a toll on his health.

Due to him being in constant pain, the family was forced to make a tough choice of putting him down.

“The only thing going through my mind was how he was loyal to our family, how he had served his country,” Russ Beckley senior had mentioned about his last moment with the dog. “He simply melted into my arms, and we had a very nice goodbye.”

Before the procedure to end Rico’s life took place, Beckley placed a hand in this loyal companion and thanked him for the service that he had offered to America. He then told that he loved him.

The family then gave a proper mowing burial to Rico. The flag of the Beckley’s were kept at half mast, and they welcomed dozens of visitors that were eager to pay respects to this heroic war dog and had a memory set up for the animal. Beckley and his father put on uniforms and carried Rico in a wooden box to his grave, with dozens of admirers lining the road.

Although Beckley knows that this was a goodbye to his dog, in his Christian heart, he knows that this won’t be the last time that he will see his friend.

“ I can only imagine seeing my great-grandfather, my grandfather, my father as well as my mother standing with Rico, and we will be together again,” he mentions.

Some of the readers wrote in Facebook:

“Extremely sorry for your loss, and when it comes for you to cross the Rainbow Bridge, you would be together with your friend again.”

“RIP Rico. You were loyal than most humans, and you will be able to see your family again someday. You are no more in pain.”

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