She Looks Like An Innocent 12-Year-Old Girl But Has A DANGEROUS Secret She’s No Longer Hiding…



She may look just like an innocent girl but her fits of rage currently set her apart from the rest. Worryingly, her anger is often targeted towards parents and her three younger siblings.

With a troubled look in her eye’s she told the reporter,

‘If my brothers or sisters do something annoying, they’re in BIG trouble’.

She added that one time when her siblings upset, her she chased them around the house with a knife in her hand.

Her parents also recall a horrifying  moment when Aneska was playing with her hamster, Jack, in the living room. They remember hearing that she wanted play doctors with it, and when they looked over to see what she was doing she had squashed the poor hamster dead.

She is now speaking up and acknowledging her problems in the hope that researchers such as the ones at The Dr. Phil Show can gain a better understanding of this type of behavior.

Hopefully, in the future this will help criminals or other troubled individuals to get the help they need to cure them of their problems, rather than letting them stew away in prison with their conditions worsening over time.

Although what Aneska does is terrible, I think it is very brave of her to speak out about her violence issues publicly. Hopefully, this is a step in the right direction for her and her family. With the right guidance,  Aneska will be able to find comfort in less harmful ways.  Usually with issues such as this,  there is an underlying problem that needs to be treated first.


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