She discovered a black spot in her daughter’s mouth and went to the hospital in a hurry

Darian Depreta discovered a black patch on the top of her daughters mouth and insisted on bringing her to the hospital for an examination. At first doctors thought it was a birthmark.

After seeing the black spot in his daughter’s mouth and refused to accept that it was simply a birthmark.

The terrified mother insisted that the physicians examine her daughter thoroughly.

“Today, while playing with Bella, I noticed a smear on her mouth. I tried to erase it to see if it would go away, but it didn’t. I called everyone and then scheduled a 30-minute appointment with the doctor “ The mother writes on Fqacebook.

The nurse attempted to wipe the black spot with an ENT control stick when the young girl arrived at the doctor’s office. He refused to go, and the physicians sought advice from the girl.

They initially told her mother that it was a sign of impending birth, but she refused to believe it. The mother maintains that the stain was not present until later because she cleans her daughter’s mouth frequently.

“Two specialists would consult with my daughter, I was told. The physicians contacted her again after she insisted it wasn’t a birthmark. I explained that the stain is slightly white around the margins and that my daughter tries to scratch it with her fingers in her mouth“, she mentions.

The man noticed a black spot. However, once the physicians discovered what it was the hospital staff couldn’t help but laugh.

It turned out that the black stain was in actual fact a piece of cardboard from a box which the child had chewed. The embarrassed mother apologised to the physicians for wasting their time.

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