See How Much the “Perfect” Female Body Has Changed in 100 Years (It’s Crazy!)

During the 20th and 21st century, the “perfect body shape” idea has changed for women as often as fashion trends. 

The changes over time speaks volumes to public attitudes in relation to beauty standards based on the opinion of others.

Celebs can often encourage and influence women’s beauty trends which results in them making comparisons to other female figures.

Take a closer look below at the varying female figures over the last 100 years.

Camille Clifford

During the 1920’s a flat-chested look was popular which gave way to a small bustline, new bra-cup sizing was invented in this era.

Alice Joyce

Jean Harlow

Angularity is the order of the day in the 40’s with long-limbed, taller and squarer silhouette figure as your ideal body type for women.

Welcome to the era of the hourglass this body type was well rounded with shapes of sweetheart necklines and circle skirts.

Elizabeth Taylor

The swinging 60s represented a new ideal: doll-faced, super slender, and petite with smaller bust and slim hips.


Seventies disco divas maintained a slim-hipped, flat-stomached with overall look remaining lean, especially in the torso.

Farrah Fawcett

Tall long legged women represent the new feminine ideal and the first time muscles on women are acceptable and desirable.

Elle MacPherson

The nineties usher in the era of the waif look which pales in comparison to the firmly fit woman of the 80s.

Kate Moss

Bringing sexy back in 2000 as we enter an era of visible abs and airbrushed tans.

Christina Aguilera

This decade’s contribution to women’s body image was a “Bootylicious” body with an almighty buttocks.

Kim Kardashian

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