School bus driver doesn’t think photo of her holding boy’s hand is a big deal until police see it

Being separated from your parents can be a stressful situation for children. Starting school is a new beginning and chapter which can feel daunting for youngsters.

Axel Johnson was excited to be starting school. Amy his mother took a picture of him beaming with a smile while waiting for the school bus to arrive.

However once the bus arrived his face changed all of a sudden and he looked like he was about to cry. Clearly the young boy was flooded with thoughts of being separate from his mother.

Isabel Lane, the bus driver noticed how sad Axel looked so she helped by showing him that there was nothing to be scared of. Axel hopped on board and sat on the seat behind her, Isabel let him hold her hand so his mother captured the sweet image.

Isabel portrayed how much she cared for the child’s happiness by letting him know he could always count on her while on the bus. This reassured the young boy that everything would be alright.

Amy decided to share the image and posted it on Facebook, she had no idea how many positive remarks and reactions it would generate.

Even the local police department shared the image where it reached over 2,400 reactions.

Isabel didn’t expect the praise she got. “I didn’t think it was like that big of a deal personally. I guess this is something that I would do,” she said.

The following day, Axel was all smiles and happy to be embarking on a new adventure with his friend Isabel.

Axel looks forward to school every day and Isabel played a big role in that.

Take a look at the whole story in the video below. 

Please share it with your family and friends, maybe it will inspire someone to make a good deed.

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