So I’m in line at the bank and I hear the teller that’s helping the elderly man next to me say, $60,000 is a lot of money sir, why do you need it? The elderly man says, “I can’t tell you that but I need that money”.

A red flag went up in my mind. As I finished my transaction I stepped over to the elderly gentleman and said, ” Sir, I ‘m sorry to interrupt your personal business but may I talk to you for a moment.”

I walked him away from the window and said to him, I don’t mean to pry in your personal business and I’m not going to tell anybody anything so don’t be afraid.

But who’s on the other end of your phone telling you that you need to send them $60,000? Is there somebody telling you that they have a family member who is hurt and needs medical attention?

Or is it the IRS telling you you owe back taxes? Did they tell you NOT to tell anyone? Immediately he says , “No, it’s the Social Security office and the Glendale Police Department is involved. I said, “no sir you need to stop this right now.”

This is a scam and you are NOT taking $60,000 out of the bank today.
I walked him back to the teller as they were sliding a cashier’s check for $60,000 through the window saying, here you go sir. I looked at it ,and gasped because it was $60,000.

Then, I slid the cashier’s check back through the window and said miss please cancel this man’s transaction and put this money back in his account immediately.

As they were doing the transaction to put the money back in his account the man tapped me on my shoulder. I looked at him and he pointed his flip phone at me and said they’re on the phone right now. I grabbed the phone from him and said hello.

A woman with an Indian accent send hello. I said, ARE YOU TRYING TO STEAL $60,000 FROM MY DAD YOU PIECE OF SHIT!!!! Needless to say she hung up. I put my arm around the old man and escorted him out to his vehicle. I told him if anyone ever calls you and tells you that you owe money for any reason it’s a scam.

I called my phone from his phone so I could call him later when I got home to check on him. After I put my phone number in his phone I told him if he ever had any questions just to call me.

The elderly man about 85 years old said thank you very much son. It felt pretty good to save him from losing his life savings.

The reason I’m posting this is because not only do I want all you younger folks to inform your grandparents and parents of these scams but I also think that Bank tellers should be more aware of theses red flags.

Perhaps, they should be trained to look for these signs. It was so obvious to me what was going on. Those young bank tellers gave up that man’s life savings in a matter of 3 minutes. The man told me he had an addressed envelope with a stamp on it in his car ready to drop in the mailbox.

Please discuss this with your parents and grandparents and make sure they understand that these people exist and they will steal your money. You can also put your name on their account with a warning that says contact me before any large withdrawals.

Be aware of these people they are scumbags and it’s no joke. They’re slimy and slick and old folks are very easily fooled by them. Old folks worked very hard for their money and don’t deserve to have it stolen from them.


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