Rude Man Honks At Old Woman Crossing Walkway, Her Revenge Is Brilliant..

When a couple skateboarders decided to record themselves busting their moves on the the sidewalk, they did not expect what would unfold before their eyes. Shortly into filming they found themselves bursting into laughter. Watch the video below as an elderly woman crosses the road at a pedestrian crossing, only to be greeted by a more than impatient business man speeding up to the her in his fancy car. But what he did not know was – this is one grandma you do not mess with.

It seems that this old woman has learned over the years how to deal with people like him – the ones who randomly blare their horns at you for simply crossing the road. As he revs his car engine the grandma is by no means intimidated with his antics. Watch her as she stops suddenly in her tracks and gives the most hilarious response you will ever see.

Always respect the elderly! I think we can all agree this business man will think twice before blaring his horn at a grandma again. Hats off to the old lady, who not only put the ignorant businessman in his place but also gave us this truly comical and hilarious moment. Perhaps the best part is after she shows the man who’s the boss, she goes about her business as if nothing had happened.

Play the video below and see how this lovely grandma serves out her own justice.

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