Robert Downey Jr Is Too Nervous To Sing With Sting. When He Opens His Mouth? Unbelievable!

The year was 2011. Sting celebrated his 60th birthday by holding a concert in New York. The rockstar invited a lot of his famous friends onstage which included Bruce Springsteen, Lady Gaga and Billy Joel. However, what was surprising is that Robert Downey Jr stole the show in spite of such stalwarts being onstage. He joined Sting to sing a duet that has now gone viral. He is not only a talented actor, a charming and handsome person, but now we get to see that he is an incredible singer as well. Seriously, is there something that this man simply cannot do?

Prepare to be dazzled as the two heavyweights sing the duet of the awesome song “Driven To Tears”, a song from the band The Police, a 1980s band anchored by Sting. One could see that Robert Downey Jr was visibly nervous to stand beside his musical hero, as he did not want to disappoint him on this momentous occasion. However, as soon as he opened his mouth, it becomes clear that there was absolutely nothing to be nervous about. Not only does he sing with elan, but he managed to add the appropriate touch of gruffness to his vocals to make it seem enchantingly similar to that of Sting.

Enjoy this magnificent performance and discover RDJ in this shockingly new avatar!

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