Reporter Interviews Farmer, Then Realizes Farmer Laughs Like A Chicken & Explodes In Laughter

We have all grown up hearing many classic nursery rhymes, perhaps with “Old MacDonald Had A Farm” being one of the more well known where we get to go through the sounds of the various farm animals. Unknown to some is that the verses about the chicken are not exactly mimicking the actual bird itself.
Watch the video of the farmer below to see proof of this. It will not take long before you are like the reporter keeling over in fits of laughter, which is somewhat contagious. As the farmer clucks in a high pitch while laughing during the interview, every time he lets out this hilarious sound the reporter is brought to tears with laughter and so too will you!

The man sounds precisely like the chickens he’s been raising! It’s highly amusing to hear the way he clucks!
Everybody laughs the same in every language because laughter is a universal connection. You can’t help but join in and giggle with someone even if you do not know what they are laughing for.

With a cluck-cluck here,and a cluck-cluck there.Here a cluck, there a cluck,everywhere a cluck-cluck. This farmer will certainly have you in a good mood in no time with his infectious laughter. When some of the chickens begin to join in the reporter cannot help himself with fits of laughter nearly bringing him to his knees.

Like when you visit a different country and spend some time there, you will eventually start to sound like the locals. And this is just what has happened to this farmer, he has been around chickens so much he is beginning to sound like them when he laughs.
The poor reporter must of had a sore tummy, he just can’t stop laughing and you won’t be able to stop either!

You will not see anything quiet as funny as this interview for some time. You may have seen some funny bloopers in the news room or on the weather channel but this will beat them all hands down.

Watching the two burst into fits of laughter due to how they react to each others laughing is an absolute hoot. Thanks to the camera man who maintained his cool to capture this footage, but i’m guessing he was in stitches behind that camera.

I think we can safely say that this farmer is most definitely in the right profession. Watch the hilarious video below and see if you can hold back the laughter, it won’t take long before you bust out giggling.

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