Pregnant Mama Has A Secret In Her GIANT Belly. After She Delivers Her First Baby, I Gasped!

It was in the month of June, 2013 that Diva, a three year old Stafford shire terrier fell in love with Joey, a 13-year-old shepherd mix. Their love story culminated in a pregnancy after two months. However, the result of the pregnancy was totally bewildering to the parents of Diva.

Pepjin, Diva’s dad could not help but notice that her belly was growing to enormous proportions, and he got the answer of the massive baby bump after Diva gave birth to 13 puppies after a gestation period of 59 days. Although, she was an inexperienced mother and was spooked at the puppies, thankfully with proper assistance provided by her parents, she was able to feed them. So, when Diva decided to sit down and remain in a comfortable position, she quickly managed to realize the benefit of it, and was calm enough in order to complete the rest of the delivery.

The best news! All the puppies; a total of 13 in number, are alive and healthy. Go through the video given below the joy of childbirth! It does not matter whether the animal giving birth has four legs or two, the miracle of birth is nothing but amazing. Share this video with your friends on Facebook!

Note: -This video contains graphic footage of childbirth. Discretion advised.

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