Popular Dog Food Brand Has Poisoned & Killed Thousands Of Dogs

Let’s admit; we all love our pets. So, dogs are no more a canine breed, but rather a member of our family. Too many of us, they are just an extension of our already present human children. So, with such love and warmth towards them, are you actually careful about what you feed them? Frequently, advertisements for various pet food claim that they have the real food, but most of the time, the ingredients and up being things like animal byproducts, gluten meal, and all the byproducts of corn. Purina Beneful, a food product from Nestlé, which is one of the most popular dog food brands is currently looking at a class action lawsuit which claims that the food causes a lot of serious health issues and has even led to the death of 3000 dogs. A little background check into the consumer reviews of Beneful helps one to witness a lot of stories about dogs suffering from massive internal health issues. May be, as parents to pets, you need to start feeding your dog’s with appropriate food, and replacing all these byproducts with actual chicken.

What is the deal with feeding conventional dog food?

There are a lot of dog owners which are patiently awaiting the decision of this class action lawsuit against Beneful. Various reviews against this particular brand from dog owners have mentioned that even their dogs have gone through similar distressing symptoms. Most of the dogs have developed some sort of incontinence, liver malfunction, internal bleeding as well as seizure. The two common ingredients that can potentially cause a lot of damage is propylene glycol, a component which is used in antifreeze, but has been approved by the FDA for dog food and all other products like cake mixes and dressings of salad. The propylene glycol has been banned across Europe. Although, it is considered to be less toxic than the ethylene glycol which is normally used in antifreeze, it is still a product that your dog should not eat.

Another possible cause for such dog poisoning is mycotoxins which is found in the improperly stored grains. With the wide incidences of liver failure that has been mentioned in the lawsuit, it makes the entire sense that it is being caused by such toxins. Most of the dog foods contain a large amount of grain items from various sources, so that testing for such kind of contaminated ingredients happen to be ineffective and inconsistent. Such lax testing and regulation will always lead to large corporations trying to meet the minimum standards of safety, and thereby most of them will skimp on the quality of the product. Various consumer reports have also suggested that the Beneful products contained maggots. It is mainly due to such symptoms which are reported by the pet owners that one could think about the threat of mycotoxins, and dog food happens to be heavily reliant on the grains.

So is home cooking the answer for the best dog food?

It is a very interesting thing to note that the food which our dog eats will most probably mirror what we eat. The conventional fast food is always thought to be the perfect dog food, as it is extremely cheap and easy to purchase. However, what would actually happen if you put in a lot of hard work to create the perfect pet food just like we cook our own? It sounds like you having to spend a lot of money and time behind it. Even so, it is pertinent that you go through the different reviews provided by the people against that establishment of dog food, and understand the pains that they had to go through and how death of their pets had affected them. Now, do you think that your time and money is on the shorter side?

When you have dog food, always check the ingredients. Avoid all the animal byproducts, excessive grains, preservatives and sugar in your dog food. Creating a balanced diet of whole food without the need for any chemicals or preservatives for your dog at home should be the best way forward. You can mix organic vegetables, raw vegetables along with ground meat such as beef in a food processor and feed it to them. You could also have a variety of vegetables, without any onions, to add something extra in the food. Sometimes, adding eggs or avocado will also help. If your dog is having some health issues, than home-made food can make a whole lot of difference. You can check out cancer cure, a food brand for dogs only. We also feed all our dogs in the family with Total Nutrition Formula. You have to remember that these are important members of your family, so why not shower them with a bit of extra love and good quality food?


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