Everyone is like to fulfill the dreams as the exact way they hoping Such as Weddings, home, etc. So most of the times people are searching for similar ideas to make the right choices. When it comes to a dream house the dreamer is using so many references to get designs for the house. Before making it real it is good to have a rough sketch about the layout. If it built without a proper plane it leads to cost and time-wasting for unnecessary things.

Here we shared a few ideas about what people have done wrongly when building a house. All these ideas were extracted from a popular Instagram account called Please Hate These Things. Hence the consequences of the bad designs can be seen, the only request which we can make is to be practical before constructing a house. So It is good to aware of people before making it by doing the same mistake again and again.

Scroll down below. You may feel how awful some designing ideas for the residents.

#1 Big 80s Hair Metal Fan. Huge

#2 Stubbed My Toe Just Looking At This

#3 I’m Choking I’m Laughing So Hard

#4 Someone Looked At This House And Said “Yknow What This Needs? A Rapunzel Tower And A High Dive Platform. Then It’ll Be Perfect”

#5 Big 80s Hair Metal Fan. Huge

#6 When You Want A Kitchen Island But You Also Want A Place To Do The 6 O’clock News From

#7 Tgiwtf

#8 Congratulations On Your Leather Penis Island Legs

#9 Feel Like You Could Put A Nice Dent In The National Debt By Auctioning Off Access To Those 13 Comments. I Need To Know

#10 Takes 1 Decorative Painting Class At Michaels

#11 Before You Get Hung Up On The Elephant, Let Your Mind Wander To What Kind Of Activities Require A Fully Tiled Bedroom

#12 Stop Telling Me What To Do

#13 This Would Be An Amazing Very Fancy Cat House If It Wasn’t An Actual Real Life House For Tacky People

#14 Time To Watch My Soaps!

#15 Not Quite

#16 My Big Fat Totally Unassuming House

#17 But How Will People Know We’re Fancy Unless We Etch The Lamborghini Into The Window?

#18 What Is This Bed?!

#19 It’s The End Of Days

#20 Seems Super Practical

#21 Covering All The Bases

#22 Who Do We Talk To About Shutting Down Pinterest?

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