Photos pop up, and fans think Prince William and Kate Middleton have broken up

Prince William and Kate Middleton are constantly in the media spotlight. Everywhere they go and every event they attend they make the headlines. Some images have appeared this week that might suggest the couple have possibly split..

Take a look at what we are talking about, by scrolling down below.

When it comes to the Royal family nothing else compares to their level of fame and media attention.

William and Kate, or the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, are fans favorites when it comes to the more modern and young monarchy.

They have been the favorites for quite a while now.

William and Kate have been all over headlines, newspapers, social media, TV, since they got married back in 2011.

The couple first met each other while attending university.

Bak in 2001, William, who is next on the throne, met Kate when they were studying at St Andrew’s University in Scotland.

For years their relationship was not going so smoothly.

In 2010, they decided to get engaged after nine years of being together.

Since then, we have been following them and have witnessed how their little family has grown.

Their first son was born in July 2013, Kate left St. Mary’s hospital wearing a light blue dress, which was kind of a tribute to William’s late mother, Princess Diana.

William also wore that same styled dress some 30 years ago. Prince George Alexander Louis was born, and they wanted to show the baby to the public.

Princess Charlotte was arrived into the world a few years later.

Princess Charlotte Elizabeth Diana came almost two years late in May 2015.

Princess Charlotte has even made history.

She was the first female to retain her claim to the throne, despite having a younger brother. That truly made history because before the Succession of the Crown Act 2013, if a boy was born, he would automatically leap over any girls that have been born before him. 

If the tradition was kept, Prince Louis would have overtaken Princess Charlotte spot for the line to the throne.

Because not there are no gender rules, Charlotte remains fourth-in-line to the throne, right behind her older brother Prince George.

Prince William and Kate are part of the more modern monarchy that rebuilding a more modern monarchy.

William and Kate are always active and chatty during public events.

They are known to stop and have a conversation with random people who came to see them.

Prince William has always been friendly and chatty with the crowds.

You can see that he has inherited some positive qualities from his mother, Princess Diana.

It’s not surprising to hear that Prince William went out of his way to help out and please one of his fans.

Recently Prince William and Kate were on a royal visit to Ireland. The visit was planned to focus on the relationship between the UK and Ireland.

They played a game of Hurling while in Galway.

They also enjoyed a pint of Guinness, because what else you meant to drink when you are in Ireland.

While there, they also took some time to meet some people.

While talking to people, they got to meet Jennifer Malone.

Let us tell you this when it comes to meeting celebrities, Jennifer is an expert.

She also got the pleasure of meeting Hugh Jackman at one of his concerts last year.

When she got to meet the Duke of Cambridge when he was visiting her home town of County Kildare she was excited.

She even got the pleasure of taking some pictures with Prince William, who was later posted on her mother’s Twitter page.

Prince William had broken royal protocol by taking photograph with a fan.

A member of the royal family, is not supposed to stop and pose for a picture or give out autographs to fans.

However, Prince William thought that it was worth it to stop and take a quick selfie with Jennifer.

Since the photos of Jennifer and Prince William made their way on the internet, people started to praise him for taking the time to take a picture and talk to Jennifer.

What more proof do you need to see that he is Diana’s son.

Recently some fans are worried that William and Kate might be splitting up. You may question how these speculations started just from one photo.

Just a couple of days ago, William and Kate posted some pictures where you can see them work from home, due to the coronavirus pandemic.

When the pictures were posted, fans were excited to see the couple’s office. With the photos, they also put in captions.

The caption read that the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge in recent weeks have been talking with organizations and patronages and discussing self-isolation.

They wanted to understand and know what type of issues they are facing in these difficult times.

Some fans noticed something different about the photos of Kate.

In the photo, you can see Kate talking on the phone with the CEO of Place2Be.

In the photo, the engagement ring was missing.

The engagement ring with diamonds and sapphires was not on her finger.

However she still wore her wedding band.

That was enough to spark the speculations. Fans quickly started to ask about their marriage.

We can still think of one good reason why Kate was not wearing her engagement ring.

This next theory happens to make better sense.

Some people have been saying that it has to do with washing your hands more often now with the coronavirus pandemic.

Studies have been published saying that germs might survive under rings, and could be missed when washing your hands.

So it just may be that the Duchess is being more careful. But some fans are still convinced that the couple has split already.

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