Check Out These Fascinating Classified Photos

Due to the statute of limitations, some photos of notorious and iconic events were not released by the government until now. These classified photos are now available to the public. Some of these may leave you with more questions than answers.
Could It Be A Real UFO?
Once these photos became declassified by the CIA, the UFO ones were the first to be viewed by the public. None of the photos came with an explanation so no one really knows if this is, in fact, a UFO.

Giant Telescope In China
This peculiar looking structure is in fact, the world’s biggest telescope, and it was built in China. It’s so powerful that it can detect all kinds of radio signals. It can allegedly detect signals that are thousands of light-years away.

Top Secret Facility
This photo may not be top-secret anymore, but this facility surely is. The Cheyenne Mountain Complex is the biggest secret facility on American soil. Due to its highly-classified nature, only officials with the highest security clearance can enter it.

9/11 Destruction
This image clearly depicts the damage caused to the Pentagon building on 9/11. Before the attack, the Pentagon looked nothing like this. This photo was never released before so the American public have never seen the actual damage caused.

An Official Account
According to this redacted letter, in 1963, the government of America encountered a UFO in Nevada. Although you can’t read everything that was written, the message is very clear that aliens do exist. And this letter makes it official.

Family On The Moon
Charlie Duke was one of the men that landed on the moon. To prove that he did indeed walk on the moon, he left a photograph of him and his family there. However, no one knows if that photo is still there.

Relaxing Day By The Pool
This photo needs some explanation as you wouldn’t expect to see fully clothed people in a pool ordinarily. Apparently, this is part of the astronauts’ training because they need to know how to land in the water. Putting a hard day’s work.

Bunker In North Dakota
This bunker in North Dakota is used to measure seismic waves as well as the weather. Although it looks pretty freaky, it’s nothing but a weather station of sorts. It’s been said, that it was once used as a national missile defense system.

Mount Rushmore
This photo depicts the first draft of Mount Rushmore. It included the presidents’ torsos and not just their heads and shoulders. It seems they thought that it would be too much to include their half-bodies and decided on just the shoulders.

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