Cameramen That Captured More Than They Expected

There are moments a photographer couldn’t plan if they tried to. But when it does occur, its almost like it was meant to happen.

Take a look at the best ones we have compiled from the internet.

Well, That’s Embarrassing…

Players burn so many calories on the field thats what happens after Taco Tuesdays.

No, The Middle-Way Is Not That Way

One time, an entire flight of recently enlightened travelers in search of nirvana went the wrong direction. Thankfully, the largest Buddha ever was there to set them on the right path.

Yikes Did He Break His Nose.

Admit it you would cry your eyes out if this happened to you too.

Beach Camo

Was this was an accident, if so the camouflage worked well.

Hounds of hell.

A hellhound will light your fire while camping.


When in Africa maybe fly a little higher.

Sonic Boom

A plane going faster than the sound waves produced by the engine.

Fish Boy?

There’s so much stuff in the ocean to avoid.

Bird of flight!

Eagle ready for landing…

Pot Of Gold

So where exactly do I find the pot of gold?

Kid Who Squats

What the….

Years Of Practice

Come on anyone can learn to play ball with the sun.

Don’t mess with this chef…

This slicing method keeps the fruit from bruising, don’t try at home.

Perfect Technique

An Olympic swimmer cocooned by surface tension over the water which often occurs during Olympic Swimming matches.

Eye Know What You Rinsed Down The Drain

Did you think this was an eye, yeah me too. Well it’s actually the eye of Sauron.


Who’s gonna burst her bubble and ruin al the fun.

When Your Shirt Was White?

What a waste of alcohol.

That Moment You Realize You Just Copied A Statue

Bood-soaked wings this person really had a sense of humor.

Don’t Worry Its Just A Different Perspective

Can you imagine if this was real.

New Invention

We finally have the first hovercar available

Flash Of Light.

Mother Nature vs Statue of Liberty.

Own up, who threw this?

This is not fake news, Obama just pulled this orb of light from a different realm.

Is this soccer?

At least they are still wearing shorts.


Did anyone ever tell him to keep his eye on the ball?


Its all about timing with NBA players although I hope his nails were perfectly trim.

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