35 Pictures Captured At The Perfect Moment

A photo is worth a thousand words especially when captured in the briefest moment in time. We have the ability to change color, tint, and lighting within seconds of taking a photo.

The internet is full of funny pictures shared by people who have captured images with perfect timing or from just the right perspective, so we wanted to share some of them with you.

Take a look at the best photos captured at exactly the right moment.

1: Madame Butterfly

2: Self portrait

3: By the powers invested in me….

4: Horsing around

5: Alien or Jellyfish??

6: Transformation

7: Eye eye captain

8: Right before impact

9: Which one is fake?

10: Sniffer dog…

11: Splash!!!

12: Hats off to this guy

13: Gone fishin’

14: Fire starter

15: Sneak peek

16: Jaws

17: Demonstration time

18: Fish photobomb

19: Entwined in love

20: Another experiment

21: Destined to meet

22: Woooaaaahhhh

23: Didn’t see that one coming

24: Feeling stretched

25: Oh noooo

26: Bubble time

27: Spot the odd one out

28: This guy is on fire

29: Someone’s about to make a splash

30: Butter Eye

31: Brrrrrrr

32: Pony tails are back in fashion

33: Fish Photobomb

34: High Flyer

35: Don’t lose your head

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