People Whose Summer Turned Into A Disaster

If you think your summer was disappointing then take a look at these hilariously disasters from other people over the past few months.  You’ll be glad you didn’t have as a similar summer.

Scroll down to take a look at these hilarious summer disasters..

Never Fall Asleep In The Sun With A Bowl Of Cereal On Your Lap

Got A Spray Tan, And Then Cried In The Car

She Is Not “Happy” Now That It Is Tanned Onto Her Forehead

“Don’t Just Stand There And Laugh, Help Me!”

“So Our Car Isn’t Part Submarine?”

Impending Disaster In 3…2…1…

Looking For Her Best Beach Selfie Angle

Thank You, Whoever Posted This Horrible Photo Of Me

Everything Was Going Great Until She Ruined Her Car With The Ice Coffee

The Level Of Itchiness On His Back Is Unreal

“This Is My Life Now, I Am A Seagull’s Toilet”

From Now On, She Will Be Known As The Sand Eater

When You Decide To Get A Job As A Beekeeper

Matching Tan Lines With The Dog

Do Not Park On The Beach

The Seagull Stole His Lunch: A Photo Series

When Half Your Face Swells Up From A Bee Sting

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle When You Are Ballin’ On A Budget

Don’t Lose Your Head

Their Whole Bodies Will Sink Into The Sand

The Last Sunburn Bender

Signs Are Clearly Just There For Decoration

“You Don’t Mind If I Borrow Your Hat, Right?”

At Least The Burn Is Symmetrical

Twinning With The Popsicle Stick

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