People Looked Inside Ordinary Things and Made Interesting Discoveries

We often go through life using normal everyday items not knowing how they are made or what may be inside them. Sometimes though our curiosity can get the better of us and we start exploring objects only to find some very curious stuff inside them.

Today we are going to share some of the most unexpected finds imaginable!

1: When you discover your beloved phone cover is made from none other than toothpaste boxes. At least it smells fresh and minty all the time.

2: This merchandiser was very smart, and a very disappointed sweet loving child.

3: Clothesline with Mickey Mouse fabric as a core!

4: This cracked cue ball has another ball inside! Or is it a pokemon ball?

5: The moment you discover your wood table is made from cardboard!

6: When your dog rips apart your stuffed cookie monster, only to discover a heart inside.

7: “This screwdriver handle has another handle inside it.”

8: “Inside a 9-volt battery: 6 AAAA batteries.”

9: This dead tree contained another tree inside it.

10: “This laptop had a ruler hidden inside it.”

11: This kit-kat’s insides are all wrong..

12: A can inside a can???

13: When you drop your frog lawn ornament only to find two snowmen inside.

14: The inside of a golf ball. Hmmm Very interesting!

15: Added bonus when your shoe spray turns out to be a women’s deodorant also.

16: This grape had a baby grape inside it!

17: The support from this bra is very hands on…

18: “Broke a ball playing bocce. There are pool balls inside it.”

19: This snap bracelet can also double up as a tape measure.

20: When the dog rips apart your toy only to find another one inside.

21: The inside of a bowling ball.

If you have ever made an unusual discovery inside a item you purchased then please tell us your story in the comments on facebook.

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