People Erupted When Trump Walked In, But It’s Who Is In The Audience That’s Making Headlines

When Trump walked onto the stage in front of a large crowd, the group of people in the audience erupted in applause. Trump is used to such treatment since he took on the job as President of the United States.

Even while in office, Trump takes trips to various parts of the country to hold rallies to raise morale and get people gathering support for his expected run for reelection.

Although many African American people and minorities are largely considered to be against Trump’s reelection.

A large crowd of black people applauded as the president took to the stage which exhibits signs of personality.

Although many people think that African Americans are almost guaranteed to cast their vote for the Democratic candidate, the Republican party is becoming stronger as they all support Trump.

Voices like Candace Owens share the conservative point of view, which means people are beginning to see Trump from a different perspective, especially when it comes to minorities.

Not only does Candace Owens profess allegiance for President Trump, there are cultural icons like Kanye West, who also stand with the president.

These large cultural and political icons are more than happy to try to influence other people to join their side of things, they are slowly but surely turning the tide for some African American voters who would otherwise be against Trump.

While standing before a group of young African Americans gathered at the White House, Trump was more than happy to speak to the leaders behind the Young Black Leadership Summit.

His appearance was anticipated by the boisterous reception he received while taking the stage to speak to the young people. It was stated on the Conservative Tribune, “the largely black crowd gave him a rock star reception.”

While many African Americans want nothing to do with Trump, these people were more than happy to carry flags that supported the President as well as wear the iconic Make America Great Again hats in red.

When Trump takes the stage, cheers erupt from the crowd while chanting “USA! USA!”

The president’s eldest son Donald Trump Jr. mingled with the people in the audience as he tried to spend some time with these young voters who made a trip out to the White House to see the president speak.

Young people shared their reactions on Twitter, writing: “Check out the energy & passion. The largest ever young conservative black summit started tonight.”

As the Republican party starts to attract more black people, conservatives can rest assured that the 2020 presidential election will not be as close a call as once thought.

With blacks and whites mingling together in support of Trump, the GOP has changed, and that change will be reflected come the 2020 presidential election next November.

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