People Are Extremely Furious With Ellen DeGeneres’ Choice of Halloween Costume This Year

Can you believe it’s November already, it hasn’t been the best year for us all and there’s still another bit to go before 2020 is behind us.

Halloween is usually widely celebrated, however people still felt like dressing up despite the current circumstances.

Some of the costumes were epic this year particularly one well known celebrity Ellen Degeneres who caused quite a stir with her controversial choice of costume.

Latley Ellen DeGeneres has been dominating the headlines

There is always some type of controversy in relation to The Ellen Show.

However things could begin to get a lot worse.

Once she revealed her Halloween costume it was followed by criticism.

Celebrities decided to dress up for Halloween and some outfits are definitely better than others…

As for Ellen’s outfit it appears she has infuriated people with her choice.

Everyone loves Halloween….

Particularly our hollywood stars.

We have compiled a list of some brilliant costumes lets take a look below. Some costumes were certainly controversial options….

Kylie Jenner

The Weeknd

Vanessa Hudgens

Alicia Keys

Snoop Dogg

Kim Kardashian

Conor McGregor

Celine Dion

Kris Jenner


The Rock

Kate Upton

Nick Young

Kerry Washington

Kelsea Ballerini

Cardi B goes all out

Taraji B Henson


January Jones

Kendall Jenner

Kanye West

Wiz Khalifa

Belle Hadid

Gabby Union

Justin Bieber

Rebel Wilson

Jennifer Lopez

Next up is Ellen’s costume which caused quite a stir.

Ellen De Generes

Here a some tweets in response to her outfit.

What Are Your Thoughts On Her Choice Of Costume?

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