Parents Devastated To Find Babysitter Abused Their Child, Then Things Get Even Worse

It happens all too often-babysitters who were thought to be trustworthy end up being abusive. Seeing your child as the victim of abuse is one of the hardest things a parent can go through. The end result is typically anger, guilt, fear and a lack of trust. After your child is abused once, how can you ever trust again? The chance of the incident happening again probably weighs on the parents’ mind, along with the guilt that is already muddling everything else.

Typically, when a sitter or nannie is accused of beating a child, there is evidence or witnesses that provide backing for a decent case against the suspect, but one couple is devastated by how the Oregon police handled their case.

When the couple had decided to go on a date night, they entrusted their one-year-old in the care of a babysitter, but the next morning they discovered that their baby had been bruised and battered. He had welts all over his face and head. It was a devastating sight to see and they immediately called the police. Following the complaint, officers and social workers conducted a comprehensive investigation that included documentation, photographs of the baby and medical reports, detailing the incident. However; much to the couple’s dismay…none of the evidence was admissible in court and the abuser was free to walk away from the horrible crime that she committed.

So, why one earth would the police let the obvious abuser off the hook?

Evidently, Oregon law states that physical abuse, even if presented with medical and photographic evidence may be dismissed in the court of law. This very outdated rules states the the one year old child, who is the victim, should be able to identify the abuser and verbally make a statement that he or she was hurt intentionally.

Yeah, so obviously a one-year-old child is not going to take the stand and testify against his abuser, so what gives? Shouldn’t there be exceptions to the rule when a parent has to advocate for his or her child?

As to be expected, the family is extremely upset by the lack of intervention on the police’s behalf, all because of an outdated law. Technically, this abuser has been free to walk away and commit this crime again.

The family isn’t giving up or giving in though, and they are sharing their story on social media, in hopes of gaining traction with Oregon residents who are against the lack of law.

In a Facebook post, the parents vented about the situation, sharing the ridiculousness of it all. They are hoping that other parents will get on board and help them spread the word, which has seen thousands of shares so far. It didn’t take long for the post to go viral and get picked up by national news stations. Now that it has become national news, the DA has promised to look into the matter. Surely the parents won’t give up until they see justice and the babysitter pays for her brutal crime.


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