Out Of Nowhere Her Dog Grabs Her And Tosses Her Across The Room. Then The Family Sees Why…

A black Doberman in Australia has been recently hailed as the hero for saving the life of a toddler in the most unprecedented manner. What the dog did was to grab the Australian child by his teeth and threw the baby about 1 m away. Why did you do so? It is because the dog noticed a very large and poisonous king brown snake in the part of the child.

For Charlotte Svilicic, a 17 months old girl, it was just normal playtime for her in the family garden with her new dog Khan. However, this usually friendly dog was behaving aggressively, and suddenly started to push her. However, when she wouldn’t budge, the Doberman grabbed her by the diaper and threw her away.

“If I had not witnessed the incident with my very own eyes, I would not have believed it,” mentions Catherine the mother of Charlotte in The Advertiser.

The mother had no idea that their newly adopt a dog would have such protective instincts. The dog, Khan did not want the child to be hurt in any way.

“Khan started behaving aggressively towards Charlotte, and was desperately trying to nudge her out of the way, but it just wasn’t working. So, what he did was grab her by the back of her diaper and threw her away.”

It shocked Catherine at first, but when she realized what had happened, she was more than grateful that she adopted Khan to join their small family.

“I realized pretty quickly that Khan was trying to come between the snake and Charlotte, before he threw away,” she mentions.

While Khan was distracted in rescuing the baby, the educated snake bit him during the struggle.

Khan limped back to the house before collapsing from the harsh effects of the poison.

Thankfully, he was administered the anti-venom shot, and he was able to survive incident.

What is more amazing is that the Svilicic family had just adopted Khan about four days ago. He had been abandoned by the previous owner and left to perish.

“When none of Doberling Bording Kennels, Kerry Kinder rescued Khan, he was not on the starving, but had been beaten and had broken ribs,” says Catherine. “He was a dog that was frequently abused and was a borderline case in the kennel as to whether he should be put down due to his suffering.”

The Svilicics family had already planned to give royal treatment to their rescue dog before this incident. Now, they truly would like to treat him as a royal member of the family.

“If and when Khan wants to get a golden bowl, she shall have it,” says Catherine. “We owe him the life of our child.”

When media got wind of this event, they started calling the Svilicics family asking them if they could cover the heroics of Khan. However, Catherine has taken to summing up the entire event pretty nicely.

“Khan is a star”, Catherine has told News.com

So, do you think that Khan is responsible for saving the life of the toddler?

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