Only 1 in 8 People Can Find All Nine Of The Hidden Words In This Image. Can You?

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When you are bored, playing brain games and puzzles can be immensely beneficial to your mental health. It not only improves your functioning of the brain, but it can drastically increase the IQ, and also increase your motor skills and help develop memory!

According to a recent study conducted by the Mayo clinic, it was found out that the adults who take time to train their brains on a regular basis were able to improve the auditory information processing speed by at least 58%. This is a wonderful increase in the cognitive function, by simply not doing anything at all. In order for you to get a head start in this thought process, here is an interesting puzzle for you to test out.

In order to play this challenging game, you need to take a peek at the image given below. There are 9 hidden words in this picture, and your objective is to find it within five minutes or less.


For a better accuracy, you could use a pencil and the paper to keep track of the words that you have already found. If you scroll down, you shall come across the answers which are given below.

Have you found them all?

Okay, it’s time for you to corroborate your answers. Check them out!

1. The “wave” which has been on the top of the wave.

2. The word “umbrella” found in the handle of the beach umbrella.

3. The word “clouds” which are hidden efficiently behind the head of the beachgoer.

4. “Book” is a word located in the spine of the novel.

5. “Sail” is written in the ripple created by the sailboat.

6. The word “Ice” is very cleverly written on the sides of the cooler.

7. “Drink” has been written slyly on the can with his resting on top of the cooler.

8. “Bucket” has been written on the designs of the sand pail.

9. The word “Sand” has been written in the sand itself.


You have successfully got all of them congratulations. If not, that is no need to worry! There are various other puzzles for you to solve below!

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