One Mistake In Facebook Made This Couple Lose Everything They Ever Had!

One Mistake In Facebook Made This Couple Lose Everything They Ever Had!Mark Higgins and Becky Szenk, a British couple has learned the lesson that they are not likely to forget. They lost everything they had due to a simple mistake. Please note; this could happen to any of us, which is why this warning is very important for you to heed!

They were newly engaged, and wanted to move closer to their workplace, which was about 13 km away. So, 22-year-old Becky took to searching online via Facebook to find a removal service. Needless to say, she found one pretty quickly. The website of the company was professional, had a lot of good feedback and had appropriate photographs. Becky then contacted a person, who called himself Lee Green.

One Mistake In Facebook Made This Couple Lose Everything They Ever Had!

As soon as the move was organized, two men from the agency arrived with a van and packed everything that was in the apartment within 45 minutes. They quickly stormed in and out, looking professional in the job that they did. They were polite, and only when the apartment was empty and the van filled with their belongings, they swiftly left, without ever taking the new address from the couple.


Now, everything that they have ever owned is gone; documents, clothing, furniture as well as all precious family heirlooms and photos. A lifetime of belongings simply disappeared. Becky cried a lot, and even felt distraught thinking that these men have taken away even her engagement ring and the toys of her child. The only thing that they have with them is a television. They wanted to transport it themselves because they feared that it might break during the move.

This event has left them completely heartbroken. Of course, they could save up and purchase new furniture, but those personal belongings can never be replaced. However, it is shocking to say that Becky and Mark are not the only victims to this new kind of theft. Recently, a family lost all their belongings in a similar fashion a few months ago.


What set the alarm bells ringing are the brazen nature of this theft, and the use of social network, which has become an integral part in our daily lives. Hence, we must never take anything at face value, and try and scrutinize everything before selecting a service. Share this story so that there are no more victims of this newfound scam!


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