Old Widow Is Lonely After Husband Dies, Then Finds Neighbor’s New Puppy Standing At Her Door

Sally Rewehooeern, 92, from Mount Vernon, Washington State, moved from her hometown of Leeuwarden, Holland, in 1953, has lived alone for the past 27 years.

Mrs Rewehooeern’s neighbours were distraught when their loveable old dog died in January but their fluffy 15-week-old arrival has not only lifted spirits but also found a best friend in Mrs Rewehooeern.

Mrs Rewehooeern said: “I’ve lived on my own since I was widowed in 1990 and with my children all over the United States I’m very lucky to have Brody come round and keep me company.

“He just wanders round into my house on his own whenever he fancies it which takes me back to my days growing up on farms surrounded by dogs in Holland.

“It’s lovely for me to have Brody come and join me whenever I’m gardening, walking to church and he even tries to get in the car with me.”

After sharing photos of his dogs on Instagram, Mrs Rewehooeern’s neighbour and father-of-two, David Mazzarella, saw his dogs, Blizzard and Lulu become internet sensations. Lulu who is now showing Brody the ropes to life in the beautiful Washington State but is yet to hitch a ride on his back like she did on Blizzard so often.

Lively puppy, Brody cannot stay away from Mrs Rewehooeern and David catches him following her to church and hopping into her car on a daily basis.

Mr Mazzarella said: “Blizzard would come to visit her several times a day, when he was missing I always knew where to go.

Now, she’s more active than ever, thanks to her furry new friend.

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