Nothing They Did Would Stop Their Baby From Crying. Now Watch How The Dog Gets Him To Be Quiet. LOL!

No one likes to hear the sound of a crying baby. It just makes us feel something in our soul and compels us to help. Even this devoted dog, in the video below, wants to do something to ease the baby’s pain.

In a super cute video from Japan, a fluffy white Maltese sits next to a crying baby and does something incredible to soothe the infant.

As the baby cries, the dog joins in and utters some heartfelt howls in order to let the baby know that he is not alone and is loved.

Check out the adorable footage below…

When the video was posted to YouTube in 2010, it quickly received 18,000 views. Over the last six years, the clip has been out of the public eye. But now it’s trending again.

Every time the baby breaks out into crying, the Maltese unleashes a moaning howl from deep in the back of its throat.

When the dog howls, the baby quiets. And it seems to soothe the baby back into a state of calm.

But before long, the baby starts crying again. However, the dog knows exactly how to react.

It tilts up its chin and howls from the bottom of its heart. The baby quiets again and listens to its loving caretaker.

Below, you’ll find the 52-second video in full. The dog knows how to make the baby relax. It really cares for the infant’s wellbeing. Watch the adorable clip now!

Here’s what viewers like you had to say about the short video. They shared these comments about it on Daily Mail.

  • “Hahahaha! This was the best smile of the day :)”
  • “Good doggies. Adorable babies. Nice families.”
  • “This is the cutest thing! Both are adorable!!”

This video is hardly the first time a baby human and a family dog did something adorable together.

Take the video we recently shared where the baby tries to go take the dog’s bed. The dog, a Rhodesian Ridgeback isn’t about to let the baby claim the bed that easily. He playfully fights back and it’s an adorable moment. Watch Lea & Alfred to see who gets to lay in the doggie bed.

We also shared a story about how a family dog stayed with a little girl while she was in a coma. She refused to leave little baby Nora behind. The family’s two Basset hounds refused to leave the baby’s side after she had a severe coma. While the parents needed to decide whether or not to end life support, the dogs weren’t giving up on baby Nora so easily. Watch these dogs help save the girl’s life.

Have you seen the video where the dog picks up the baby pacifier? The Labrador retriever bats away his owner’s hand as she tries to take the pacifier out of the dog’s mouth. The dog wants to be a human baby! This is a funny video you have to watch.

Adorable. Absolutely, adorable. Dogs really are man’s best friends…

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