No One Saw This Coming..

The internet has some of the most hilarious photos, especially of animals.

You are probably wondering what the pig done to the woman in the picture? Well keep scrolling because its at the bottom.

Are you ready for some funny animal overload. We aren’t really certain what happened prior to the pictures, but it goes to show animals aren’t always predictable as the following images will prove.

A recent Tik tok video of a lady trying to pose alongside a monkey has gone viral. She learned a lesson the hard way, scroll to end and see this hilarious video.

A High Kick

Get outta here you…

Elephant Kiss

When you get slobbered with a giant kiss.

Quick, grab her!

What plans did this dog have in mind?

Don’t mistake this for a shower of rain..

Just when you thought you were having a bad day.

Camel Alert

Did anyone warn her that camels are notorious for biting.

No Mercy

This woman looks like she ain’t enjoying this.

A Quick Nibble

I could eat you..


How did this one go for her?

Moments like this.

Our guess is the dog took her to the ground then finished her?

Head butt..

This girl’s reaction …

New Hairstyle?

She doesn’t look so happy about it.


Nothing normal here…

New type of facial?

Well she handled that situation pretty well.

Monkey Business…

Wait until that monkey paw comes crashing down one last time.

Trash Kiss

Someones gonna need a trip to the hairdresser.

This Little Piggy

You don’t taste so nice.

Seagull snacks

Make sure you eat quick when surrounded by seagulls.

Ear nibbling..

Kittens teeth are like little razors.

Cock a doodle do..

Whatever happened here?

Hokey Pokey!

You put your left foot in and your left foot out….

Mixed Signals

Kangaroo fight?

Gentle please..

Those claws will leave a mark.

Hello there…

Never leave windows open when there are giraffes nearby.

Feed the Birds..

Do not feed them your own hand.

Let’s go for a little walk..

Who is on the leash this time around.

Hair Raiser

That camel didn’t attend beauty school.


A hedgehog who nose what he wants…

Finally I bet you are waiting to see exactly what the pig in the image does? Well wait no more and watch the video below!

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