Most Bizarre Pictures From Russian Social Media Pages

Social media is where most of us go to share pictures of people and places from around the world, with many being familiar with their own country’s social media.

Meaning you hardly ever explore what goes on outside your own country to notice there are some pretty eccentric characters out there. For example the Russians are unique, eccentric and their behaviour and habits can be rather strange.

Scroll down to take a look at these hilarious bizarre Russian photos we sourced online.

Bowl Of Roses.

Bathing with minions

Chainsaw is a bit extreme a utensil for the job when you’re only trying to cut through the icing.

This Must Be Love!

Trashing around.

Not the ideal place to be lying down on the ground.

Mmm, caviar, and grain alcohol—the breakfast of champions!

Sensual Seduction

Oh Dear…

What Is Going On Here?

Strange Things.

Consuming liquids out of mason jars while sitting fully clothed in a drawn bath.

Enjoying some late-night snacks.

The guy on the left looks disappointed with the selection…

Grumpy M&M’s

How did he catch the fish?

Raining Money

Getting Creative With A Musical Instrument

Beautiful Wo….man

Did Someone Dare Her To Eat Out A Watermelon

Dont Drop Her.

Maybe he should just shave it off?

What’s he planning on doing to the teddy.

New invention for drinking spirits “vodka shoeter.”

Okay then, don’t smile.

Party Like There’s No Tomorrow.

Flex And Flexibility.

Not exactly the most romantic setting…

I thought carpets were for floors.

Watch out for the insects….


Naughty Russian Girls

Food brings out the crazy in people!!

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