Mom’s startled by skeletal face on ultrasound – Shares photo of true appearance after birth

Even with all of the advanced medical technology at our disposal, being pregnant can still be worrying as we can never be sure that the baby will be healthy.

Twenty three yea old, Jessica Woods, from Guthrie Oklahoma, US, had an unexpected fright when a scan of her unborn baby.

Upon examining the print-outs she was given of the scan she couldn’t believe that her son looked like a large eerie skull.

Jessica was looking forward to becoming a mother for the second time. Everything was going smoothly with the pregnancy until she went for her 21 week ultrasound.


Rather than having a normal face the baby appeared to just have a skull, just eye sockets, nose hole and grinning teeth being visible in the image.

Woods did what most expectant mothers would do. Panicking in case there was something wrong with her child?

What made this situation worse was how the ultrasound contrasted with her first child’s ultrasounds. When she was carrying her daughter, she had looked healthy throughout the pregnancy.

Jessica said: “At first I just saw a normal ultrasound and everything looked fine. But then he slowly turned his head to face us and it was just really, really creepy looking.”

“It was really scary and made me a little nervous about what I could expect when I gave birth to my son! I was honestly scared of what I was seeing in front of me – it looked like a skeleton but for some reason it’s so much creepier.”

However doctors assured her there was nothing to worry about. Apparently the ultrasound was picking up the bone structure of the child which in normal.

Woods felt a little reassured by this, but the worry never truly left her mind. She was filled with anxiety each day and prayed for her baby to be healthy once it arrived.


She discovered incidents of a condition called skeletal dysplasia which made her think that her boy might have that.

Some days, Wood’s worry became so extreme that she considered rushing to the hospital to ask for an emergency ultrasound.

Her husband was always able to calm her down, but could still detect a hint of doubt in her husband’s voice.

One day after an intense labor, her son finally came into the world. Once doctors looked over the baby and handed to Jessica and she saw the adorable face all panic left her mind.

Woods was relieved as the birth went smoothly and now she had he cutest baby in the world in her arms.

She named the baby Silas, who developed like any other newborn. Woods can’t believe that she was panicking so much during the pregnancy.

Doctors can often be completely incorrect however, medical professionals generally know what they’re talking about.

Take a look at the video below for more details on this story:

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