Mom Who Would Not Get Abortion Just Gave Birth To The Youngest Premature Baby

Mhairi and Paul were told that their unborn child was not going to survive. They refused to abort the baby even though doctors had told them the baby would die.

Jett Morris their son is now alive and well today and here is the story!

After surviving in the womb for almost 20 weeks Mhairi’s water had broken!

Jett was only 1.5lbs and born at 25 weeks old. He is now living a healthy life and is 3 years old.

Before he was born doctors were telling the parents to abort him as the child would not survive.

Mhairi said.

“I was in the early pregnancy unit and no-one from pediatrics came to talk to me about my other options. But I’d just had a 20-week scan and everything was perfect and finding out it was a boy made it very hard to accept a termination.”

The doctors insisted that they have an abortion as the baby would not survive.

In her interview with the daily mail she said.

“I understand doctors have to tell you the worst case scenario and be blunt, but no two people on this Earth are exactly the same and doctors didn’t even give Jett a chance.

“When he came back in and Paul and I had talked we told him I wouldn’t be going into the theater and the doctor looked at his watch and rolled his eyes at me as if I was wasting time.”

“She told paul that they needed to get our of these.’”

The reason doctors told Mhairi that the fetus was non-viable was because her membranes had been ruptured preterm, causing her water to break months before she was due.

Also she had been diagnosed with placenta praevia which would cause heavy bleeding.

After not going through with the termination they were released from the hospital.

Soon after they were back as Mhairi has went into labor. Doctors told them there was a chance the baby would be born with brain damage as it was premature.

When he was born he was diagnosed with a lung disease. But once his organs had fully formed he began recovering.

Although he has 2 holes in his heart the doctors said it should not cause any major problems.

He is now over three years old and living a happy healthy life.

Mhairi and Paul are glad now that they did not take the doctors advice. Sometimes you just need to go with your gut instinct.

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