Mom Watches Cheerleader Daughter From Stands, Suddenly Young Man Hops Fence And Runs At Her

When a parent is serving in the army, many miles away from their families, it can be hard for everyone. There is no question their kids miss their parents greatly, and wish they would be able to make it home for dinner every night. They especially miss their army parent when they aren’t able to make it to important school events.

When 9-year-old Addie Rodriguez was cheering on the sideline for Central Catholic High School in San Antonio, Texas, she was devastated that her dad wasn’t there. Addie’s cheer team had incorporated the dads of the cheerleaders into one of their routines. In the routine, the dads would lift their daughter up on their shoulder. The girl’s father, Senior Airman Michael Locklear, is an active military member, and has served in both Iraq and Afghanistan. He wasn’t able to make it to Addie’s performance, but Addie’s mom was sitting up in the stands, watching Addie’s every move.

While Addie and her team were performing, one unsuspecting person noticed that Addie’s dad wasn’t there to lift her up. That’s when he jumps over the stadium’s gate and onto the field. People were shocked by what he did next… Watch the video and see what this stranger did for Addie during her cheerleading performance!

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