Nurse Thinks Mom Hasn’t Noticed Her, But Mom Can’t Stay Silent About What She’s Seen Her Do

Shelby and Jonathan have a little girl named Sophie who is as of now battling for her life. When she noticed that their little girl was not in good health, Shelby thought it was simply a reaction to allergies.
A subsequent meeting with the specialist didn’t reveal anything concerning and it was discovered she had asthma. Shelby set up an appointment for Sophie to have an allergy test. But before she could attend the appointment, little Sophie stopped breathing suddenly one night.

Sophie was rushed to hospital in an ambulance, closely followed by her concerned parents. Their world was about to be changed forever!
Doctors made a frightening discovery of a softball-sized growth in the little girls chest.
Little Sophie was later diagnosed with T-cell lymphoma and has since received aggressive chemotherapy treatments to try and halt the spread of the disease. Sophie’s little body fought hard during the harsh treatments but still the cancer spread throughout her body.
The chemotherapy had taken its toll on the little girls body, her ability to walk,talk,use her hand and eat have all been affected. Steps are now being take to prepare Sophie to be strong enough to undergo a stem cell transplant.
As days run into weeks and weeks into months, Shelby often forgets to look after herself. She is consumed with looking after her little angel as well as trying her best to keep family and friends informed on her progress. In order to make things easier for herself she set up a facebook page so she could have contact with the outside world outside of her time spent in the hospital room. She called the facebook page Sophie the Brave!

Since the page was set up, one particular post by Shelby has gone viral. Parents from around the world with sick children have rallied behind her for her comments about nurses.

“I see you. I sit on this couch all day long and I see you. You try so hard to be unnoticed by me and my child. I see your face drop a little when she sees you and cries. You try so many ways to ease her fears and win her over. I see you hesitate to stick her or pull Band-Aids off. You say ‘No owies’ and ‘I’m sorry’ more times in one day than most people say ‘thank you.'”

She then goes on to describe seeing nurses carry numerous supplies into children’s rooms while their phones ring to help in other rooms. And yet they take time to help patients sort through piles of beads to help them with their milestone necklaces.

“I see all of those rubber bracelets on your arms and wrapped around your stethoscope, each one for a child that you’ve cared for and loved … I see you stroke her little bald head and tuck her covers around her tightly. I see you holding the crying mom that got bad news. I see you trying to chart on the computer while holding the baby whose mom can’t-or won’t be at the hospital with her.”

Shelby gives credit to the nurses who pop by to visit Sophie even though she may not be their patient. She describes how they give their time to comfort worried patients even if they are under vast amounts of work pressure. Their telephones are utilized as templates when painting toon characters on patient’s windows; they cheer on the children taking mindful laps around the medical attendants station.

“I see you with that Nerf gun hiding from the kid around the corner. I see you hold tiny hands, change dirty sheets, translate medical talk for parents and wipe your eyes coming out of a particularly hard room. I see you put on gloves, masks and a gown then pause before you hang en IV bag of poison chemo for my kid.”

No words can describe just how appreciative Shelby is for what the nurses have done for Sophie and all the other ill children she has met along the journey during her daughters treatments. The nurses for Shelby re the true backbone of the hospital floors.

“You are Jesus to us every single day. Our children wouldn’t get what they need without you. Moms like me wouldn’t feel sane or heard without you. You save our babies and we couldn’t do this without you.”

To date, Shelby’s facebook post has been shared more than 25,00 times and gained well over 48,000 reactions. Her post has touched nurses far and wide, they were touched by her amazing words of gratitude and support for their profession.
Pediatric medical nurses specifically have very ill patients, as well as having very sick young patients who should be outside playing, having fun and enjoying life. They are amazing individuals who face into an unimaginably difficult job on a daily basis.
Not only do they look after their ill young patients, but they also take the time to care for their family members also. Shelby has herself received much love and concern from Sophie’s nurses during her daughters treatments.

“You put aside what’s happening in your life for 12 hours straight to care for very sick and something’s dying children. You go into each room with a smile no matter what’s happening in there. You see Sophie’s name on the schedule and come to check on us even when she isn’t your patient. You call the doctor, blood bank and pharmacy as many times as necessary to get my child what she needs in a timely manner. You check on me as often as you check on her. You sit and listen to me ramble for 10 minutes even though your phone is buzzing and your to do list is a mile long.”

Not only are these medical professionals healers, they are assistants, playmates and storytellers. They are heroes to the families who rely heavily on the care they provide.
The Skiles family as of late got extraordinary news that Sophie is for the most part cancer free. Our prayers and thoughts go out to Sophie and her family as she keeps on battling her disease.

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