Mom Sends Son To School Like Any Other Day. Then The Teacher Notices THIS About His Hair…

Just like any other third grader, Dino Shuffield was a happy child going to the Lake Whitney elementary school. Suddenly, he started to lose his hair. Drs can form that he had alopecia areata, and autoimmune condition in which the body starts attacking the hair follicles.

It was only a matter of time before he would go bald. When he was struggling with his new image, his teacher, Ehren Steiner, sat him down and had a talk with him. He was wondering whether Dino should shave his head.

However, that is when Steiner with something amazing. He told Dino that come Friday afternoon, if he decided to shave his head, then the teacher would do it too. They both agreed to the proposition. On Monday morning, Dino was in complete shock.

“My jaws dropped, and I did not believe that Mr Steiner did actually go ahead and get rid of all his glorious hair”, mentions Dino. He wasn’t afraid of being ridiculed; rather he was in complete solidarity with the Dino.

Steiner says that it can be pretty hard for somebody to go through something on their own, so if they think that they have somebody to walk along that path, it makes it all the more bearable.

Now, that is an inspiring teacher that would go to any lengths to take care of his students. So, what does Dino have to say about all this?

“He is the best teacher that I ever had,” mentions the student.

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