Mom Sends Little Boy Out To Shovel. Within Moments He Makes Realization That’s Lighting Up The Internet

Winter can often be a long drawn out season, so much so that we often long for the long sun kissed days of the Summer. Unfortunately, Winter has a few months left until we will start to see the warm weather return and we can say “sayonara” to the snow!

As far away as Summer may be, this particular little boy was sick of being stuck inside and wanted more than anything to go play outside in the harsh elements. After continuously hounding his mother to let him play outside, she finally gave in.

Like all mom’s, before she left him go outside she ensured he was well wrapped up in his winter warms and shoved him out the door. However, it was not long before the cold began to take hold and this little boy was ready to call it quits.

While many of us are not big fans the chilly weather , there is in fact a condition that occurs in the depths of winter. This condition is called Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) and it has some potentially serious complications.

People who are diagnosed with this condition are prone to experience sadness and anxiety, become socially awkward, and often have trouble falling asleep during these months. But not to worry, this little boy is not suffering from SAD!

All he wanted was just to get outside into the fresh air and get some exercise. The scene that unfolds when he gets outside is what has the internet cracking up in laughter!

His Mom decided to record his plight in the frigid outdoors and the footage she got has gone viral. The video has been viewed more than a million times since it was uploaded to social media.

When his Mom has him all wrapped up in his winter warms, he jumps outside and begins playing heartily for close to 10 minutes. It was not long before he learned that playing in snow was not all it is cracked up to be and the cold began to take hold.

I am sure his Mom was bursting with laughter when she recorded her son looking towards the sky and begging Jesus for warmer weather. Watch the hilarious footage below and see the moment caught on camera that has the internet in knots of laughter.

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