Mom pregnant with quadruplets shares belly photos on social media

When a child is born it’s always a unique event, especially for the parents. Some births are a little more unique than others.

Syman and Lindsay Hay always had a desire for a large family. Not long after their wedding the couple discovered they were going to be parents. Their son Carson, was born four years ago.

However Lindsay and her husband wanted to have more children.

Lindsay suffered multiple miscarriages which affected her a lot, she thought there would never be another opportunity to hold a newborn baby in her arms again.

She was devastated when the doctor told Lindsay that she had ”poor egg quality”.

This news was difficult for Lindsay to absorb as she felt like it was her fault. Eventually they decided to begin a treatment with an injectable hormone called Follistim.

The theory behind the drugs was that if I produced more than one egg per cycle, I’d catch a good one faster. We had to try this, plus timed intercourse six times, before moving on to IVF,” Lindsay explained.

On cycle 3 of the Follitism treatment, Lindsay conceived quads. Lindsay and her husband couldn’t believe it when they heard the exciting news. They were completely in shock… Quadruplets? Doctors explained this only occurs once in every 700,000 pregnancies.

I was in a lot of denial because I was told I had poor egg quality, and I just didn’t believe it. My husband was silent and white as a ghost,” she said.

Despite their excitement, the couple were still naturally concerned which was tough, especially for Lindsay.

I honestly think the pregnancy would progress, and prepared myself for miscarriage. There was just a lot of uncertainty, fear, and surprise, ”she said.

Lindsay wasn’t fully convinced she was going to be able to meet her precious babies despite everything looking good on the ultrasound.

You carry the pain of miscarriage with you wherever you go, and even after being on the other side with my rainbow babies here, it still hurts. I don’t think I’ll ever fully heal. It definitely made me stronger, though , and gave me new perspective and appreciation for just how big of a miracle these babies and all babies really are.

Her pregnancy was a very tough experience.

I’m grateful that I’m a person who genuinely loves pregnancy. Otherwise, it would have been a lot harder to cope with. During the first trimester, I was so sick I couldn’t function.”

With four babies and four placentas , my hormones, fatigue, and nausea were quadrupled. I was extremely anxious and would wait until midnight every night to celebrate making it through another day, “she said.

Doctors delivered worrying news when she was 20 weeks. Lindsay’s cervix was thinning, she was terrified of losing her babies.

Lyndsey reached 30 weeks and 4 days where doctors decided for safety reasons to deliver the babies via Caesarean section.

Once delivered the quadruplets required care right straight away and the quads remained in the NICU for seven weeks. During this time Lindsay breastfed all her babies.

Lindsay documented her amazing journey on Instagram which drew a lot of attention from her followers. She shared images from before and after her pregnancy. Because of her amazing and giant stomach thousands of people have followed Lindsay’s pregnancy online.

It’s not easy to update everyday life on social media being a busy mom with a four year old and quadruplets.

I rarely get a minute to myself. I’m constantly in motion and have learned how to move quickly and multitask. I sleep less. I worry more. But I will say this: The expression ‘full hands, fuller hearts’ has never resonated with me more. I am so overjoyed with happiness and fulfillment, and every day I wake up wondering how I got so lucky. I have everything I prayed for and more. We are so blessed.

We admire you Lindsay you have such a wonderful family!

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