Mom Keeps Huge Secret The Entire Pregnancy. Then The Midwife Sees THIS Emerge In Water…

When Derika started having her contractions about two minutes apart, she knew that the baby was coming. So, since her husband Chris had previously decided to document the entire process of home water bath, the process of childbirth began with a team of three midwives along with their young child and the grandmother.

Derika always had Chris by his side all along the way, and when she stepped into the pool, Chris was duly massaging her back. Yet, in this stressful situation, Derika appear to be very calm, and eventually when the lights were dimmed, it became a wonderful situation for her. The atmosphere created certainly aided in the arrival of the baby.

During the early stages of the pregnancy, it was a conscious decision by the couple to keep the gender of the baby a secret. A baby boy, weighing 7 lbs and 3 oz named Soyani was born. While it is always tempting to find out the gender of the baby, it is relatively funny to know that for thousands of years, men and women have always waited for the last moment to know whether they have a baby boy or a baby girl. This couple merely favors a natural approach towards childbirth, and waiting for nine months is definitely fitting.

So, do you find this story to be inspiring? Let us know in your comments if you have ever found out the gender of your baby before the delivery? Share this wonderful miracle with everyone on Facebook!

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