Mom Holds 12 Ounce Baby Girl For 1st Time, Brings Everyone In Room To Tears

Both Angela and Michael Bakker were ecstatic when they discovered they were expecting a baby girl. They had longed to be able to raise a child together and making memories as a loving family was all they had ever dreamt of.

Sadly, that dream was brought crashing to a halt when Angela gave birth 15 weeks early. Being only 25 weeks into her pregnancy meant the chance of their little girl, Naomi Joy, surviving was very slim.

The staff at Renown Regional Medical Center Neonatal Intensive Care Unit were not going to let this happen and worked around the clock to ensure Naomi flourished in a safe environment. After a tireless 2 weeks of care by the staff, Angela and Michael were finally able to hold their beautiful little bundle of joy.

When a baby is born, skin to skin contact is one of the most important things for a baby to experience. But for little Naoimi, she spent her first two weeks stuck inside a plastic NICU bubble with only the occasional touch from her parents.

The skin to skin contact is called “kangaroo care” and is known to help premature babies with their development. This is the very reason the staff of NICU decided to take Naomi out of the bubble and allow her parents to hold her.

Little Naomi weighed less than one pound at birth, however the staff believed she was in a stable enough condition for the parents to have skin to skin contact with her. The process of moving Naomi to her mother needed eight NICU nurses, with the process going smoothly and she finally cuddled into her mom.

The expression on Angela’s face is that of pure joy, as any mother will well know. Her face gleams with delight as she finally gets to hold her precious little girl.

It would be another 128 days until Angela and Michael could finally take their little girl home, thankfully they were able to hold her every single one of those days. Special thanks must go to the care the NICU staff gave to Naomi and to her parents positivity, Naomi is now a happy, healthy little girl.

Watch the wonderful footage of the first time Angela gets to hold her precious little baby girl in the video below.

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