Mom has C-section, then handed “the biggest baby” doctors have ever seen

Many women would agree that giving birth can be tough going, especially if you are carrying a heavier baby.

Chrissy Corbitt, mother of four was expecting once again. She was more than familiar with what to expect during a pregnancy, but this time it would be a little different than before.

It wasn’t until she neared the third trimester that things became more apparent. The baby felt much heavier as her stomach continued to expand.

Initially she thought nothing of it and just passed it off due to it being her fifth pregnancy.

Somehow her pregnancy felt easier when she was younger. Looking back on pictures of her previous pregnancies she realised her bump was much bigger on this occasion.

Chrissy’s doctor recommended a C-section as he felt this baby would be bigger than her previous children.

Taking his advice on board she agreed to the c-section. As a result Carleigh arrived a week earlier than her due date.

Thankfully all went well with the delivery. Seeing an infant so enormous was a huge shock to both the parents and everyone else in the delivery room.

Chrissy’s previous babies were much smaller once she held them, where as this newborn almost felt like a toddler.

As Chrissy looked at her baby girl she thought to herself “Oh my God. She’s gonna walk to the nursery.” Her baby weighed 13 pounds and five ounces which is double the average weight of a newborn.

Chrissy commented : “It looked they pulled a toddler out of my belly. She’s so big!

Newborn Carleigh Brooke didn’t even fit into newborn diapers the hospital had to purchase ones for older babies.

She’s just filled with rolls. She’s just a big squishy baby. She’s so adorable,” said the proud mother. “I had no idea she was going to be so popular. It’s been a great experience and I can’t wait to look back on this and share it with her to show her she became a celebrity overnight.”

Once Carleigh Brooke was able to come home to meet the rest of her family they had to buy clothes for a nine month old to fit her.

Although it was annoying and expensive buying new clothes for her Chrissy was relived that her newborn daughter Carleigh was healthy. Chrissy felt over the moon things were exactly as she hoped.

Her husband Larry is still amazed at how Chrissy was able to carry such a large baby inside her. Larry agrees the pregnancy was “rough” on his wife for a number of different reasons.

Dad is absolutely besotted with his baby daughter: “Her cheeks were so chunky and she was just so fat. She was so gorgeous, of course.”

Take a look at the following video Carleigh’s parents shared of her on Youtube which has been viewed more than three million times.

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