Mom goes to comfort scared son after operation and finds nurse in his bed

Hospitals can sometimes be overwhelming for people especially small children. They feel out of sorts and are in unfamiliar surrounding waiting to have surgery.

It’s extremely comforting for a child to be accompanied by a parent when in hospital. However when some parents are unable to be there nurses do their best to comfort the child.

The following is a beautiful story that occurred within UPMC Susquehanna Health.

A young boy called Slade Thompson was hospitalised in Williamsport, Pennsylvania. He was after two surgeries which as a result of health problems.

Although doctors took good care of him, he require a wheelchair following his operation.

The second surgery.

As part of the second operation, doctors operated on his adenoids, tonsils, resulting in a successful surgery.

Slade was waking up from his anaesthetic

His nurse explained that a child’s mood is often strange when waking up from anaesthesia. The child might be disoriented and in pain.

Slade’s mother wan’t present when he woke up

Slade woke up and he quickly realized his mother wasn’t there which upset him.

The nurse steps in

Annie Hager, his nurse noticed he was upset and decided to intervene in an attempt to comfort him and make Slade feel better.

Hager hugged him

The nurse explained why his mom wasn’t present. As he tried to hold back tears he asked Hager to cuddle him which she happily obliged.

Slade’s mom walked in at that moment

Moments later, Slade’s mom arrived back to witness the nurse was comforting son. She was touched by what she saw and decided to take a picture of that beautiful moment.

Normal for Hager

Hager said, “I don’t post things very often but this little guy touched my heart, and his mama’s beautiful kind words and actions have brought tears to my eyes twice now!” [sic].

A surprise “thank you”

Slade and his mom were eager to thank for Hager for her kind gesture. They visited her at the hospital and surprised her with a bunch of flowers.

Hager’s day off

In fact, Hager wasn’t even supposed to be off work but responded to a last minute call. If she hadn’t been there that day then Slade might not have got his chance to say “thank you.”

Nurse are there to give us hope during these testing moments.

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