Mother Gives Birth To Twins. In The Recovery Room Doctors Tell Her

Parent knows how emotional, stressful, and joyous the birth of their children can be.  Nicola and Todd Bailey of Sheffield, England, who were expecting twin girls, they were over moon excited about welcoming two new additions to their family. 

The couple already had a son, Lucas, and couldn’t wait to give him two little sisters. However, the twins arrived sooner than expected at thirty three weeks. Nicola was rushed to the hospital and gave birth to the girls who she named Harper and Quinn.

Doctors told the couple that the babies had been born healthy.  Relieved, they set their focus on recovery and making plans for bringing them home.

Doctors returned to their room about a half an hour later, and explained to the new parents that the baby born first, Harper, had Down Syndrome.  

Down Syndrome is a genetic condition caused by a chromosomal disorder which results in developmental issues, intellectual disability, and physical changes in appearance. Regardless of the diagnosis, the Bailey’s were simply in love and grateful for their two newborn daughters. 

They also had more serious health issues to think about. Harper was also born with two small holes in her heart.  One thankfully closed all on its own, but the second one required surgery. 

When they were finally able to bring their twins home, Nicola and Todd thought about how the doctors had broken the news to them in such a negative manner. 

People always seem to be apologetic about Harper having Down Syndrome, however Nicola and Todd feel she is no different than their other two children.

In an attempt to change the perception of parents with Down Syndrmoe children, Nicola decided to publicly share her life raising her babies.

This would allow her to fight back against the misconceptions and false information people had towards it. People need to accept that others are sometimes born different and that’s okay.

She set up a blog and social media accounts to help get her message out that having a Down Syndrome child is nothing to be ashamed of or viewed negatively. 

Harper is just as happy, loving, and unique as any other child and a Down Syndrome diagnosis nobody, especially doctors, should apologize about.

Check out some of these celebs below without makeup!

Meghan Markle, was named one of the most influential people in the world in 2018 by Time magazine. She most certainly has beautiful skin.

It’s not such a shock to see Meghan without mascara, eyeliner, and lipstick since she seems to barely wear anything on her face.  

Below are a list of celebs we complied to show the difference between their natural look versus make up.

Angelina Jolie

Angelina Jolie has received loads of award and accolades for her talent. Talking about her beauty, she is all natural. We believe she is taking due care of her skin and hair amid all the emotional turmoil in her life. Well, any Hollywood star is wary of their looks all the time, especially in front of the paparazzi.

Katie Holmes

Katie Holmes is a perfect example of natural beauty with her expressive eyes she looks really attractive without a trace of makeup. When Holmes is all done up, she is picture perfect.

Reese Witherspoon

Witherspoon maintained her charming looks to the tee. Even without makeup, she looks stunning, and only a few actresses can match up to her beauty.


Jennifer Aniston makes 50 look like 40 at least. Aniston clearly knows good face care. Widely recognized for her role as Rachel Green in the hilarious sitcom Friends Jennifer has always sported a natural look, and perhaps that’s the key to her youthfulness — without make-up, her skin is free to breathe! She is keeping herself busy and will star in the upcoming mystery-comedy titled Murder Mystery. We can’t wait!

Julia Roberts

Julia Roberts simple life has enabled her to look fresh and young even at this age. We have always been in awe of her beautiful face ever since she stepped into this industry and things haven’t changed since.


Gwen wouldn’t have any issues going out in public without makeup because her natural look is simply gorgeous. She’s 49 years of age now, and she’s got more than enough money to never have to worry about bankruptcy.


Kylie does look like a different person sans the thick foundation and the shimmery eyeshadow. However, that doesn’t mean that her looks are diminished in the slightest. She looks beautiful in a completely different way and doesn’t really need to rely on makeup to be the supermodel that she is.


Most people know her glamorized version is just one side of her beauty that’s reserved for the camera but without the extra layer, she looks like an average, beautiful lady. Some people do think that her beauty stems from some plastic surgery that she’s gone through earlier.

Goldie Hawn

Goldie is 74 right now but is a complete epitome of grace and beauty. She has been in a steady relationship with actor Kurt Russell since 1983 and the satisfaction of being loved shows on her face. There must be good anti-aging stuff out there.

Selma Blair

Selma Blair has a charismatic presence as she posed in front of the cameras during this year’s Oscars.


Actress Gwyneth Paltrow has her own line of health and wellness products! Her passion for following a healthy lifestyle has ensured that she always looks perfect whether she has foundation and lipstick on her face or not. We can definitely learn a thing or two about beauty from her!

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