Mother 26 Gets Let Off After repeatedly Bashing Her 8 Month Old Daughter With A Metal Spoon After Judge Says The Baby Will “Get Better”

A young mother who repeatedly bashed her baby over the head with a metal Kitchen Utensil has walked away completely free after judge rules the baby’s injuries are “Likely to heal”.

Lorien Norman pleaded guilty to repeatedly beating her child with a large metal spoon, the offence carried a maximum sentence of 13 years but Norman won’t spend a single day in jail.

She was given a Good Behaviour Bond and a paltry fine of only $500 in a decision that enraged local residents.

Norman had earlier phoned the police threatening to throw the baby off of a balcony, when officers arrived they found the baby badly beaten and bruised and took mother & baby to hospital.

On examining the baby doctors found indications of 8 separate blows to the face and multiple injuries to her hands, arms, torso and legs likely to have been caused by a sustained beating from Norman using the metal implement and her bare hands.

Pictures of little baby Evie reveal a black eye and heavy bruising to her face, their release has caused outrage in Normans home town of Adalaide.

When questioned by police Norman lied saying her baby had fallen in a playground and hit her face but on appearing in court she pleaded guilty to the charge of aggravated assault which can carry a sentence of up to 13 years.

Evies father Shane McMahon told reporters that he is completely disgusted with the sentence and that it beggars belief that she can just walk free after doing this to their child.

Where is Evies justice said McMahon, stating that he’d raised both the couples daughters virtually alone.

Norman will be required to complete a supervision order and will have to report to social services aswell as complete counselling.

Baby Evie is expected to make a full recovery and we send her our bet wishes.



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