Michelle Obama Is In Big Trouble After This Video Goes Public

Former first lady Michelle Obama decided it was time to take off so went to a Christina Aguilera concert.

Michelle got a VIP seat at the concert and was entertained directly when a shirtless man came up to her and started twerking.

Although she was not with her husband – she attended the concert with a group of female friends. Michelle seemed to enjoy the male dancer who was wearing nothing but black shorts and gold chaps.

The special attention was not something that Obama seemed to turn away from. Her friends applauded her for going with the flow and having some harmless fun. Obama cheered the dancer on, clapping and smiling as the man did his dance in front of her.

Fifty-six-year old Michelle looks good for her age and has a lot of youthful energy. Hence why the dancer was drawn to her and decided to give her some special attention during the Christina Aguilera concert.

A female security guard remained close to Michelle as the dancer did his thing. Obama appeared to be in good spirits despite the special attention at the concert.

People have speculated that Obama even gestured toward the dancer. The man had dark hair shaved on the sides. He twerked for the former first lady, with his risqué dance moves.

The male dancer climbed onto a wall and continued to exhibit his skills. As other male dancers realized what was going on they came over to join him.

Once the dancing was over the special attention disappeared as Michelle Obama laughed as she enjoyed the innocuous moment, while her friends had a blast being part of the good fun as well.

Obama and her friends raised their arms as the male dancer walked away. The people in the row behind her stood up to get a better look at the dancer. Everyone just seemed to be having a wonderful time at the concert and the former first lady was no exception.

Michelle Obama was born on 17 January, 1964 to Fraser and Marian Robinson. She is pictured here with her parents and elder brother Craig in 1965

Michelle grew up in the Shore area of Chicago and showed early promise at school, where by the sixth grade she joined a class for gifted children at Bryn Mawr Elementary School

A graduate of Princeton and Harvard, Michelle met her husband, Barack, at the law firm Sidley Austin, where she mentored him. She married the future president in October 1992

Michelle and Barack settled into their married life and would spend holiday time in Hawaii, where Barack’s family lived

Michelle and Barack’s first child, Malia, was born in 1998 (pictured here as a toddler in 2000). A second daughter, Sasha, was born in 2001

Michelle became a political wife early on in her marriage, as Barack represented the 13th District in the Illonois Senate from 1997 to 2004, resiging his post when he was voted in as senator for Illinois.

Michelle supported her husband’s decision to run for the presidency in 2007

Michelle celebrates her husband’s victory in securing the Illinois primary in Chicago, November 2007

Family friend Oprah Winfrey supported the Obama presidential campaign, attending rallies with Michelle, such as this one in Manchester, New Hampshire, in December 2007

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