Men And Women — We Are So Different

By nature, men and women are completely different. Be it physical, psychological, emotional or behavioral, men and women are just opposite. But, despite that, they can get along very well! Have you ever taken time and put some thought on the differences between the men and the women? You will find that they exhibit many small and funny differences in their everyday life.

Instead of going into serious comparisons, it’s probably the small differences in light contexts that highlight the differences in a meaningful way. It may be so that there are exceptions and not everybody fits into the “typical” tag. But, whatever said and done, we are sure that the majority of us will be able to identify and relate themselves to these photos.

The way they visualize their own bodies

Women like to see themselves in great shape and style. They would not like to compromise anything when it comes to shape and style. On the other hand, men are confident, in general, and put more emphasis on health rather than on style.

The way they see others


Women are fond of fashion and style and they would notice and judge other women in terms of their clothing, brand, design and colors. Men on the other hand will notice mostly the face and the body rather than anything else. Of course, there are exceptions!

Getting ready for work


For men, getting ready quickly and wearing tidy clothes are important. Women, on the other hand, are very particular about putting on make-up and wearing of perfect cloth and accessories. They often get late by this process.

Activities like Social Networking


By nature, man would like to go through the news feed silently without hitting like button or commenting. On the other hand, women are more social and would like to keep active touch with friends and keep a tab on the happenings of everybody’s life.

How much bed space does a man require?


Nothing special to comment on this. Men just need sleep and generally would compromise on the bed space.

Answering the call of the nature


Probably, you get to see this everywhere you go. While women are patient to form a queue and address the nature’s call in an orderly manner, men will do it anywhere and everywhere!

The way break up is handled


This one is an eye opener and reflects the attitudes. Women are shattered immediately after a break up but they do recover gradually and slowly. Research shows that men are casual in the beginning and try to take it in their stride. But eventually, it is the men who find it extremely difficult to recover and cope up. By that time, women get going with the new chapters of their lives.

Men are Like Boxes While Women are Like Spaghetti


Men are accustomed to compartmentalization. Be it in work or home, they do come up with simplifications of the things so that wastage of time is minimal. Women are fond of detailing and ideas for them, are interconnected with each other and cannot be separated in compartments.

The way they visualize colors


This one probably highlights the biggest difference between men and women. They do see the things differently and the same has been established by the neuroscientists. Men don’t go for elaborate detailing and hence, they see the colors grossly. Whereas, women are able to identify and differentiate the color spectrum meticulously.

Clothing is a way of expression?


Women, in general, are fond of various different colors, fashion, attire and clothes. By nature, they would like to see themselves in different looks from time to time. Hence, they need a greater range of clothing. Men, on the other hand, have fixed perceptions of themselves and will try to maintain that. Being comfortable is more important for men than being fashionable.

The way a product is selected and purchased


Women are very fond of details and that’s why, they would not mind spending hours researching on product details and finding out the most suitable product. Men, as if, know what they need and will not spend time researching on products if they find something that gives them the desired functionality.

The way you get your haircut


Men are probably more concerned about getting the work done and they would like to see that the cost/ charges are proportional to their perception about the service rendered. Their perception of job is related to the material functionality rather than abstract utility. Women love to alter their looks by changing several things like hair trimming, hair colouring, hair treatment etc. Definition of functionality is more abstract and more elaborate for the women.

Do you agree with the assessments? Let us know your comments in this regard.

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