Medical Breakthrough : Any Type of Cancer Can be Cured in Just 2-6 Weeks

Dr Leonard Coldwell claims “cancer can be cured!” There is a video at the end of this article which is seemingly very important. After you see it, you would realize that yes, cancer can be cured! Imagine the surprise that I received when I first saw the video. In fact, there are many who would be feeling the same right now.

When I was just finishing high school, my mother died of cancer. It is this experienced that completely turn my life around. Although, I must say, I got to know about it by pure accident. Since that day, all I could do was watch my mother being drawn closer and closer to her impending death. That experience is not something that I would like to talk about.

All I can tell you is that it was pretty painful. For those that have lost someone to cancer, it may be a child, a parent, a family member or close friend, there is no telling whom and when it will attack next.

Tumors are known to be treated, and there is a multitrillion dollar behind it for the treatment of cancer.

Yes, such claims have been heard a lot of times! But, do you actually trust the medications to do their work? My father had spent almost all his money for the medication of my mother. We tried every avenue, everything that we could do to save. The treatment was also pretty expensive, but still, at the end of the day, my mother succumbed to it.

Just a few days ago, I glanced upon this article.

“It is because of the terrible schemes that thousands of people were only partly created and millions of people died. Food and Drug Administration has, throughout history deliberately poisoned the people. There are companies that would simply do anything to rake in money. You need to stand up-“claims this article.

Just imagine what went through my mind when I looked at this article. So, I decided to pry further into it

Dr Leonard Coldwell has a lot more experience, in personal terms in dealing with cancer. All his seven brothers and sisters had suffered from carcinoma. His father and grandmother succumbed to cancer as well. So, he has bared witness to how cancer has slowly taking away his family members to their impending death. So, it is safe to say that he has a pretty good experience of dealing with it.

Over the years, Dr Leonard Coldwell has seen more than 35,000 patients, around 2.2 million partakers in the workshops that he does has written to him about their life stories, and how more than 7 million people read his news reports and bulletins. According to some of the experts, Dr Leonard Coldwell has some of the best rates of success against the cure for cancer on a global platform. His website, was recently blocked by the federal government. Why, you ask? Well, it was mainly because of his resounding success in the treatment of cancer.

“With absolutely no chemotherapy as well as non-contact with any sort of radiation, cancer can be cured in almost all patients. I know for a fact that I may be able to heal a patient within a few weeks to a few months. However, because of the profit that the people make through cancer patients, and the law, I am not allowed to counsel anyone on what to do and what not to do,” mentions the doctor.

The health profession as well as the pharmaceutical industry has been making a lot of money through the cancer industry. Yes, as shocking as it may seem, it is an industry to them. In the current situation, Dr Coldwell mentions that there are ”legislators that make laws in order to kill us, or at the very least, ensures that we fall sick, and is the same law that is used in order to ‘protect us’ from seeking the right kind of treatment for the disease. The prevalent medications make you sick, and finally draw you to your death by the rampant use of hazardous treatment.”

Let’s be honest, even you by such claims. Memories come flooding back of my mother as well as her eventual death, and it starts to haunt me. I continue Reading.

Dr Coldwell’s method

According to the good doctor, any kind of malignancy can be taken care of within 2 to 16 weeks. There are various types of cancer which were treated correctly can start healing within minutes.

With over 20 years of experience in a field, there are doctors that have witnessed spontaneous healing. There is actually a book known as ‘spontaneous healing’ in regards to this method. Since we know that this method is possible, it is now just a matter of finding it. There are various people who are inclined religiously, and go to places that have religious significance. However, it is not the religion that cures the person, but the hopefulness and positivity in that person that does the trick.

First and foremost, you need to tackle the acidity as well as all the toxic elements within the body reveals the doctor. Eating vegetables provides the body with a lot of oxygen. Adequate amount of calcium and a proper diet will also alkalize our bodies. Well, how is this related to cancer? Well, the progress of cancer cells stops in its tracks when the body starts becoming alkalized.

The body would first have to achieve a pH level that is therapeutic. pH is normally between 0 to 14. The lower values indicate acidic, when the higher values indicate alkaline region. The pH 7 is a neutral medium, which is mostly taken as water. As soon as the body reaches pH 7, it starts to become alkaline. 7.3 is noted to be a good pH level, but when it comes to treatment, a pH level of around 7.5 should be present.

So what else do you need to do?

You need to eliminate hypoxia. Dr Martin, a friend of Dr Coldwell has offered a solution, an oxygen therapy which involves a lot of steps. In this therapy, the blood is taken out, mixed with pure oxygen and then re-injected into the body at least 12 times. When the blood is taken out, it reaches a shade of black. However, with this therapy, the blood that is re-injected comes with a beautiful shade of pink, just like the blood of a newborn baby, and it is completely fresh. This eventually fills the body with a lot of energy.

Next, injection of vitamins C also becomes very helpful as the doctor claims that at least 100 cc injected every day at least thrice a week can produce amazing results. Within a few days, cancer starts disappearing after this treatment.

Food materials which have a high content of vitamin C include cabbage, broccoli, strawberries, oranges, lemon.

Vitamins C- The miraculous cure

However, it is not only this vitamin that has the amazing healing powers……

Vitamin E also comes from the same category, and it mostly works to take care of the blood pressure. It is effective in any form, and it can produce stunning results. However, the vitamin E which is produced synthetically or artificially is not the solution, rather it is pretty ineffective.

So, now you realize, chemicals are not going to help your body. It is nature that provides a helping hand. Nature brings out such illnesses, and it is nature itself that will come to your rescue. If you go back a few centuries, you realize that cancer was not prevented; there is also no reason for cancer is to be existing now. We are the primary creators of such problems. So, if you want to get rid of cancer, you need to start by consuming fresh vegetables and raw food.

Dr Coldwell also mentions that a friend, who happens to be a chef, has written a book that indulges into the preparation of raw meals. “It is pretty cost-effective and about 50% less than the amount of money that you spend on such expensive drugs which only end up exacerbating your condition. The website of the chef and his books will be able to teach you how you can exactly make them.”

Dr Coldwell also stresses on the importance of water. At least 4 L of water with half a teaspoon of sea salt on a daily basis will help any cancer patient, unless he happens to be suffering from any kind of kidney problems.

It does say that having excessive amount of sea salt would lead to high blood pressure so; it is pertinent that the people do not want to put themselves under a double whammy situation.

However, the doctor disagrees. He mentions that although they have been taught that having high salt is bad, it is most probably the opposite. Salt is pretty essential, as it is required for the transmission of electrical signals within our body. Any lack of salt is only going to create more problems in the blood.

That is not the main issue, the main issue lies with the amount of salt that we consume. Normally, table salt contains only one third of the actual salt.

So what are we eating them thinking of it as salt?

Well, the salt which we consume is one third glass and about one third of sand. This can spell a lot of trouble for the body. The glass in the sand can irritate the blood vessels, and it can start bleeding. The cholesterol starts clogging up the blood vessels, so as to protect ourselves from interior hemorrhage.

But cholesterol is also responsible for the high blood pressure by effectively narrowing the blood vessels, right?

Well, you are wrong again. It is actually absurd because people just cannot die from excessive cholesterol. Deficiency of cholesterol, and yes you have death coming your way. According to Dr Coldwell, there are some people that have cholesterol levels as high as 60 and have not felt any bout of illness throughout their life.

The reason why deficiency of cholesterol is bad

There are healthy cells which are multiplied rapidly with the help of cholesterol. At least 87% of the cells in our human body are created out of cholesterol. So any kind of deficiency in it ensures that your body will not be able to make any new cells. As an example, think how the doctor pleads burn victims. They give them a diet of 20 to 25 eggs. Why? Well, it is a known factor that only cholesterol can produce new cells in your body.

Cholesterol does produce new cells! This was an interesting fact….

Terms such as high-density lipoproteins along with low-density lipoproteins are terms which are associated with good cholesterol and bad cholesterol. However, Dr Coldwell disagrees. HDL and LDL are proteins that actually move cholesterol not cholesterol itself.

So, everything that you know about your body is turning out to be completely wrong, isn’t it? However, the doctors have said such things! How are they wrong?

Well, you have to take the opinion of Dr Gray Neal into account. He has been referring to statistics, and physicians have the shortest lifetime. At an average, they live up to 56 yards, and they are mostly addicted to alcohol, drugs as well as high rate of suicide which is even higher in psychiatric. However, despite all of this, we still visit the doctors to seek advices on our health, as well as longer living. This is a fact that should change your opinion about doctors.


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