Madonna’s Disgusting Comments Have Fans Outraged

In a bid to get back into the limelight, Madonna has said something that has sparked outrage among Christian everywhere.

Talking about where she gets her fighting work ethic from, Madonna, who grew up a Catholic and was confirmed when she was 8, said she got it from the Catholic Church.

Despite taking her name from the mother of Jesus Christ, Madonna has come out and claimed that she finds there to be something “sexual” about the way Jesus Christ is often portrayed hanging from the cross.

Madonna came to music almost by accident. When she arrived in New York she was primarily a dancer.

Dancing was where she came alive, discovered her body and expressed her emotions, an escape route she has persistently celebrated in songs, from the terminally addictive Into the Groove to the updated Chic beat of Vogue.

Dancing was the place she explored the side of her character repressed at school, where she was held in check by Catholic nuns.

Madonna got straight A’s in high school, eventually graduating early.

Following her mothers death, she took on a maternal role being eldest girl in a Catholic family of eight children.

Madonna had to assume many of her mother’s household responsibilities as she grew. “I saw myself as the quintessential Cinderella,” she once said.

Using her sexuality Madonna morphed from a young pop princess into a shrewd business women, and turned her image into a multimillion-dollar company.

As far as feminists are concerned parading around and acting brazenly does not seem to fit the bill; however, feminism is supposed to shy away from the female cult of domesticity.

Not only has her controversial statement about Jesus’s “sexuality” gotten her into the spotlight, but it has also gotten people talking about Madonna again after years of being off the radar for most Americans.

Madonna’s music has often included Catholic themes and iconography, notably in ‘Like A Prayer’ with a burning cross, but her music and imagery has also been criticised for being blasphemous.

Madonna had always hung around boys and men, her brothers at home, her west coast cousins on holiday.

When she began to dance with John Flynn’s troupe in Michigan, she has said she felt inadequate because she kept falling for gay men.

It was through a boyfriend in New York that she finally discovered music.

Madonna’s first marriage was to actor Sean Penn, who was aged 25 when they married in 1985, two years younger than her.  In March 2018, Sean admitted that he still loves his ex-wife Madonna ‘very much’.

The Oscar-winning actor was married to the Like a Virgin hitmaker for four years before their divorce in 1989, and he’ll always hold a special place in his heart for his first spouse.

Although claiming that Jesus hanging from the cross is a “sexual” image, Madonna did not stop there when she made her statement.

She continued to say more, including how she thinks Jesus would not be against women getting abortions.

To the contrary of what most Christians believe, Madonna thinks Jesus would support organizations like Planned Parenthood, which offer health and wellness services to women well beyond the scope of abortions.

Do you want to read exactly what Madonna said regarding the image of Jesus on the cross and what she thinks Jesus’s views would be surrounding abortion? Well, this was the quote from the superstar singer.

There’s something really extreme and dramatic about the idea that you know, in any church you go and you see a man on a cross, practically naked, bleeding from his wounds, and everyone genuflects and prays to him,” she said.

“I find that so intriguing, poetic, and sometimes sexual, sensual. And the idea that people are – in a way – it’s pagan because people are worshipping a thing.”

While Madonna’s views are controversial, they have also been refuted by many Christian sources.

In 1990, the pope called for a boycott of her Blond Ambition tour, in which Madonna simulated masturbation during Like a Prayer, whose original video – complete with burning crosses, a gospel choir and references to stigmata – was accused of being blasphemous.

However, Madonna was eager to express what she would have to say if she ever got to speak to the number one Christian out there today – the Pope. Hold onto your hats, people. You’re about to be taken on a wild ride.

Let’s talk about Jesus’ point of view about women. Let’s talk about it. What do you think he thought of women? And don’t you think Jesus would agree that a woman has the right to choose what to do with her body? I think he would be open to having that conversation with me.”

Although Madonna would not mind a conversation with the Pope to discuss Jesus and his views on abortion, the singer has also had to admit that the possibility of such a conversation is nearly impossible as she has been “excommunicated.”

I’ve been excommunicated by the Catholic Church a few times,” she admitted with a grin back in an interview in 2015. “But I also feel like this new pope is kind of groovy, and I think we might be able to get together and have a chat about sex.

Because Madonna has expressed her opinion that the image of Jesus dying on the cross is “sexual,” many people are outright offended.

Not only is saying that comment sure to get her some attention, but it is also one that millions of people around the globe would quickly be able to refute.

What do you think about her controversial statement?

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