Locals baffled after hairy sea beast washes up in the Philippines

Here’s one for all of you Internet detectives out there: What the hell is this massive blob?

The huge white and hairy sea creature washed up on shore in Cagdainao, Dinagat Islands and has attracted quite a lot of attention from locals.

It appeared after a 4.4 magnitude earthquake struck off the coast of the Philippines on Sunday. Since then, several unusual sea creatures have been washing up on the South East Asian country’s shores.

The Philippines sits off the so called ‘Ring of Fire’, a vast Pacific Ocean region where many of Earth’s earthquakes and volcanic eruptions occur. Because of its proximity to the area, the country is no stranger to typhoons and earthquakes – and the aftermath of strange, dead creatures washing ashore.

People on Mindanao’s northern coast have reportedly spotted a number of giant oarfish measuring up to 30ft long following the quakes, but the mysterious white blob has been the latest in a string of unusual finds.

Many have speculated that it could be a large deep sea creature or, bizarrely (but not entirely inaccurate), a giant English sheep dog.

But the ‘beast’ is actually a 20 foot long whale carcass, according to local scientists. The body of the whale, which weighs approximately 2,000 kilograms, is believed to have turned white due to an advanced stage of decomposition.

It is thought to have died approximately two weeks ago, possibly after being hit by a ship.

Scientists later released a statement, claiming:

A report yesterday said that the dead body of sea creature was believed to be a Sea Cow or Dugong but the team’s finding is unanimous that it is a whale, or Balyena and confirmed also by the BFAR Personnel, but is uncertain as to what particular whale species due to its advance decomposition.



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